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kids with phobias

Kids with Phobias: A Fantastic Fear of Everything

Have you ever wondered where we get our phobias from? If you were mauled by a giant poodle as a child I can understand your fear of dogs; but where do kids with phobias get them from? Yesterday at breakfast, my six year old daughter, Elsie, was sniffling with yet another cold she’s brought back from … Read more

banned google interview questions

Banned Google Interview Questions: Smashed by a Six Year Old

Banned Google interview questions… how difficult were they really? If you don’t remember the story, a few years ago Google had to take action to overhaul it’s interview process. They had acquired a reputation for harassing prospective employees with a gruelling line of ridiculous questions. The type of questions no one can be prepared for, … Read more

meal plan

The Meal Plan Mind Map: Cut Down on Waste

Spurred on by Suchitra of ‘MomLife‘ and her quest to break the seal on planning weekly meals, I have been brainstorming ways of shortening my shopping list. I’m a big fan of the list in all it’s forms but writing the list usually consists of: What do I fancy for dinner? What do I want … Read more

freaky twin stuff

Telepathic Twins and Other Freaky Twin Stuff

I’m in a Twinsie mood, which means today I’m getting my research hat on, and delivering to you some weird and wonderful tales of freaky twin stuff. Twin Telepathy Some time ago, I posted a video of my boys laughing at each other on Facebook. A friend asked me “is that one of those freaky … Read more

10 Signs You Have Had Family to Stay

I’ve been a little distant on social media this past week because I’ve had family in town to celebrate the Twins’ birthday. It’s these family members’ first visit to us since we moved to the US nearly three years ago, so we’ve enjoyed showing off the local sights and eating twice as much as we usually do. … Read more