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Easter Cookie Ideas

23 Adorable Easter Cookie Ideas

Nothing goes down better than a basket of cookies at an Easter gathering. I've reached out to my fellow bloggers to see what adorable easter cookie ideas they have for the season. From killer bunnies to hot cross cookies, here are 23 of my favorite Easter cookie...
Practicing Family Fire Safety

5 Ways to Practice Family Fire Safety with First Alert

Thank you First Alert for sponsoring this post. First Alert 10-year sealed battery alarms offer hassle-free protection that helps keep your home and family protected for a decade! #LiveWithA10 If there is one thing that's always at the forefront of my mind...
What are Semi-identical Twins

What are Semi-Identical Twins & Why are They so Rare?

Us twin moms often have a laugh at people who ask if boy/girl twins are identical. Just to make it clear... if your kids are packing different junk, they are not identical. Another way to be sure is if your unborn babies are sharing a placenta. So...
How to Make Sense of Italian Wines

How to Make Sense of Italian Wines & Perfectly Pair with Food

This post was sponsored by the Italian Trade Agency as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own. When it comes to special occasions, I like to go all out on a home-cooked...
Mini Milk Tarts

Homemade Sweet Pastry Mini Milk Tarts

Although a traditional South African Melktert is usually served as a full size pie, there is something adorable and delicious about individually sized baked treats. I made these mini milk tarts for an event at my daughter's school and it didn't take long for them to disappear...
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