Why PAW Patrol Saves the Day When It Comes to Sharing

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This post was sponsored by PAW Patrol as part of an Integrated Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own

As a parent of twins, I know too well how important it is to encourage sharing between siblings. My twin boys are four years old, and I feel like we have turned a corner towards being able to diffuse conflicts and encourage a better relationship when it comes to sharing. I have broken up my fair share of squabbles, and I hope to pass on some tips for keeping the peace at home while also showcasing their latest PAW Patrol toy!

 Patrol Saves the Day When It Comes to Sharing

How to Choose Toys Suited to Sharing

Whether you have siblings close in age or you just want your kid to have fun with their friends, I believe choosing toys that encourage sharing is best practice when it comes to young children. Here are some things I look for in toys to share:

  • Games that require more than one player. My Boys are big on simple board games!
  • Roleplay toys such as play kitchens and doctor kits are always more fun when you have someone to play with.
  • Adventure toys with multiple characters offer endless storylines to play out!
  • Toys that incorporate multiple moving parts offer the opportunity for both kids to be actively ‘doing’ something.

The PAW Patrol Mighty Meteor Trackset

My Boys recently received the PAW Patrol Mighty Meteor Trackset, and we’ve had lots of giggles testing it out. They have been playing really well together and I’ve heard many epic PAW Patrol adventures coming from their playroom. The Mighty Meteor Trackset comes with a 1:55 scale True Metal die-cast vehicle (Chase’s car), although we’ve been having fun trying out their other little cars and seeing which ones work the best!


Load your vehicle into the Jet Launcher and use the lever to swoosh Chase up and around the track, knocking the mighty meteor of its podium in the process! The loading and launching of the moving ramp and the rolling ‘meteor’ allow both my boys to have a ‘job’ and stop any potential fighting over who’s playing with the toy.

The Jet launcher also detaches from the trackset, creating another charged-up adventure with Chase! My Boys particularly enjoy the setting up and suspense of the launch. The track literally rotates around the tower before it gets to the mighty meteor so there is lots to watch while its in process. You can pick up or order your own PAW Patrol Mighty Meteor Trackset from Target or Amazon.


Tips for Encouraging Good Sharing Habits with Toys

  • Choose toys that encourage sharing – make it easy for them!
  • Avoid giving new toys to siblings late in the day when they are tired. We are all less tolerant of others when we are tired.
  • Encourage each child to play on their own sometimes. One-on-one time is valuable and they will appreciate each other and enjoy sharing when they are together.
  • When your children are doing a great job sharing let them know. Positive reinforcement of great behavior always brings a smile to their face!

Tips for Diffusing a Conflict over a Toy

With identical twin boys, there is bound to be plenty of love and plenty of fighting. Yikes, these two have tested me at times! Sometimes the temptation to keep the toy all to themselves is just too much for young children. Here are some tactics I have found help them move on after a fall-out:

  • Ask the child who currently has possession of the toy to let the other one play with it once he’s finished. “Can you tell Arthur when you’re done so he can have a go?“. Once agreed on this you’ll be surprised how quickly they give it up because it’s on their terms. No one likes to have something taken from them. Giving is a different experience altogether.
  • You may need to be a neutral third party. “I actually think it’s Mommy’s turn for a go!“. If you’re having to break up a physical fight they will need time to calm down. Play with them and model good sharing.
  • If one toy is being favored and sharing is not going well, try suggesting a toy mash-up! “How about we make a mega PAW Patrol maze by lining up some of your favorite toys and seeing how quickly Chase can go from one end to the other?” Distraction is a great method to stop fighting but often they still don’t want to give up the toy in question. So incorporate it into a new game and start fresh.

I wish you all the best on your quest for a happy household, especially if you’re currently couped up because of social distancing. If you would like to know more about the PAW Patrol Mighty Meteor Trackset, check it out here at Amazon.

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