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Advice based on the personal experience of twin moms. Resources for parents of multiples and those expecting twins. Twin pregnancy to preschooler twins.

Chances of Getting Pregnant with Twins Twice

What are the Chances of Having Twins… Twice?

The first time around may have been a surprise, but a second pregnancy may have you thinking. What are the chances of ending up with two or more sets of twins? How often do...
PAW Patrol Toy Sharing

Why PAW Patrol Saves the Day When It Comes to Sharing

As a parent of twins, I know too well how important it is to encourage sharing between siblings. My twin boys are four years old, and I feel like we have turned a corner...
Spending one on one time with twins

5 Great Ways To Have One-on-One Time When You Have Twins

Since my wife and I both work remotely, we've essentially been like one big, beautifully-connected and blessed blob going through life together. That written, we know how important one-on-one time is, so here are...
What to do When One Twin Outshines the Other

What To Do When One Twin Is Outshining The Other

Sibling rivalry is one of those things you come to expect when you’re raising more than one child. You naturally expect some friction and competition as they grow up and while most do overcome...
Is this the end of the IVF twin boom

The IVF Twin Boom – Is This the End?

Advancement in IVF methods is causing a downturn in the US twin boom. The rate of twin births in the US has exploded since the 1980s, likely due to mothers having babies later, and...
Toys for 4yr-old Twin Boys

22 Best Toys for 4yr-old Twins to Encourage Sharing

Buying toys for twins has extra considerations. Are they going to fight? Do these toys promote sharing and playing together? Some toys are actually more fun when you have a partner! Here is my...
Flying with Multiple Kids Alone

How to Fly with Multiple Kids Alone

Flying with multiple kids is a daunting prospect, even with two adults on board. When you find yourself travelling alone it can be pretty overwhelming. I took the plunge this year, with 3yr-old twin...
Ordering European Baby Formular from USA

Why More US Families Are Choosing Imported European Baby Formula

Whether you’re pregnant or considering switching to formula, you may want to consider ordering European Baby Formula. An increasing number of US families are buying their formula from abroad, because FDA regulations seem more...
Reasons to Potty Train Twins Separately

5 Reasons Why I Potty Trained the Twins Separately

Potty training twins is an intimidating prospect. Do you go on lock down for a week, follow a strict regime and get both done at once? Do you take their lead and see what...
Online resources for breastfeeding twins

Invaluable Online Resources to Help with Breastfeeding Twins

Breastfeeding twins is a daunting prospect, but never forget knowledge is power. Armed with the right information you’ll be more confident and likely to succeed in your breastfeeding quest. The internet is a powerful...
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