Why More US Families Are Choosing Imported European Baby Formula

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This post is sponsored by Formuland Inc. and contains affiliate links. Opinions expressed are my own.

Whether you’re pregnant or considering switching to formula, you may want to consider ordering European Baby Formula. An increasing number of US families are buying their formula from abroad, because FDA regulations seem more relaxed than the European Union. What do you think? Should the US tighten ship?


As an expat mother of three, I have brought babies into the World in both the UK and the US. I have seen first-hand the difference in choices, lifestyle and regulations on either side of the pond.

While I have seen the most incredible dedication to breastfeeding in the US, by 6 months, less than 60% of US Moms are still breastfeeding. Whether you’re supplementing or transitioning to full-time formula feeding, it’s important to find a formula that suits your babies. Choice is power after all!

So why are more families choosing to order their formula from Europe?

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3 Big Reasons to Consider Ordering European Baby Formula from the US:

I have fed my babies both European and US formula. I am not claiming any specific formula is dangerous or harmful to your baby. But as consumers, we understand so much more about natural nutrition than we used to. If organic, natural and sustainable living is important to you, ordering European baby formula is something you will want to consider.


While the USDA regularly test food and infant formula to check it does not exceed limits for pesticide residue, The European Commission requires that baby formula contain no detectable levels of pesticides at all.

While there are many certified organic formulas on the market in the US, some contain ingredients which are in fact banned from European baby formula, such as sucrose and carrageenan. Just because an ingredient is organic, doesn’t mean it belongs in formula.

Popular European brands like Hipp and Holle are not only certified organic and meet European standards, they are biodynamic. This means their ingredients are sourced from farms with sustainable practices, better for ecosystem preservation and animal care.

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Sucrose (white sugar) was banned from infant formula by the European Union in 2009. It is thought that this sweeter alternative to Lactose gives our little ones a sweet tooth… a difficult habit to break when you start to introduce vegetables. Concerns over obesity led the EU to ban sucrose from all formula except some specialist allergy formulas.

Many US infant formulas are sweetened with corn syrup or brown rice syrup, both forms of sucrose. And keep an eye out for ‘glucose syrup solids’ which is also corn syrup. Some of the highest-priced and organic US formulas still contain this ingredient.

Not so little anymore… All my kids love their food!


I hadn’t heard of carrageenan until I was desperately googling tummy troubles when I found out the Twins were gluten intolerant. The evidence against this ‘natural’ food additive is strong. Derived from red seaweed, food-grade carrageenan is FDA approved, while ‘degraded’ carrageenan is not. The trouble is, evidence shows that even food-grade carrageenan contains some degraded substance, and some scientists believe it could degrade further inside the body.

Some evidence suggests that carrageenan triggers inflammation, gastrointestinal ulcerations, and that it damages your digestive system.

Healthline. Should You Remove Carrageenan from Your Diet?

Unlike the US, the European Union prohibits the use of carrageenan in all infant formula.


Where Can I Order European Infant Formula from the US:

Understanding the growing market for natural, sustainably sourced products, Formuland Inc. created an opportunity for families to order European organic baby formulas such as Hipp, Holle, and Lebenswert.

Established in 2014, they believe Europe’s food standards deliver the highest quality ingredients and the best start for your little ones. These guys got started the year before my boys were born and I had no idea they existed until recently! What a joy to broaden the choice for us health-conscious mamas!


You can order your European baby formula from the comfort of home online at the Formuland website, and they currently deliver for free when you spend over $100!

As always… choices should empower, not create overwhelm. So do your research and feel confident in your choices but remember not to panic! You’ll do great! x

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