Zen-Up Your Home with These 5 Steps

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Busy life and too many chores can easily lead to chaos in your home with shoes, clothes and children toys everywhere. While decluttering will free up space, there are other things you can do to zen-up your home. Try these 5 steps and even if they are not some huge renovations, they will still help you to create a relaxing ambiance for you and your family. 


Declutter & Reorganize

Decluttering is the first essential step to zen-up your home. Prioritize what items and decor are key to the vibe you are trying to achieve. Donate items which no longer fit with your vision and incorporate storage to keep practical day to day items out of sight.

Minimalism and Feng Shui may seem extreme, but decluttering can help everyone achieve Zen.

Change the Color Scheme

Repainting the walls is the easiest way to breath in new life into your home. It is also a great step to zen-up your home with a calming color scheme for every room. Neutral pastels like beige and dijon are always a good choice to give a peaceful vibe to your living space. 

But color is also present on the furniture and tiles, as well as through a combination of patterns on your cushions and rugs. Earthy tones like yellow and brick red will add some liveliness into your décor without being too intrusive, although a splash of turquoise or purple will inspire joyfulness. Combine not more than three colors so you don’t disrupt the harmony and clutter your visual experience.


Involve Plants in Your Décor 

Plants are like painting your home – the simplest way to wake up your space and add more life to it. Furthermore, certain plants produce more oxygen than the others which will help you feel more energized and refreshed. Gerbera Daisy and Chinese evergreens are only some of the examples of these plants which are both aesthetically appealing and beneficial to your health.

Use clay pots instead of plastic ones to preserve the organic and natural characteristics of your overall décor. Place them on the windows so they can soak up the sun or hang them from the ceiling to decorate the upper parts of your space. Greenery reduces stress and improves wellbeing so your home will quickly develop a comforting and peaceful ambiance. 

Decorations to Zen-up Your Home

Decorations play a crucial role to create a soothing décor and can significantly zen-up your home. Look for beach photography prints to hang in your living area or bedroom depicting serene scenery like water and trees. Place photos of your family on the mantel or shelves to envelop your home in positive emotional vibe and coziness. 

Gold details like a fruit bowl or mirror frames will add warm tones to your color scheme, but due to reflective properties break the monotony. Cushions spread over your seating area and magazines on the coffee table will personalize the space and give it character. Floral prints on curtains or chair will add just enough playfulness to the room to make it vivacious and breathing. 


Let It Be Natural

If you have hardwood flooring don’t hide it away under a big carpet, but rather use a smaller decorative rug. To achieve a zen vibe in your home, you need to allow natural features to breathe and show them off. Place a woolen afghan over your sofa or use it as a bedspread which will add warmth and homeliness to your space. 

Also, allow natural light to enter your home as much as possible by using transparent curtains and mirrors to reflect it if you have small windows. Place a sofa under the window to soak in the sunlight especially if you work from home or are otherwise inside most of the day. Artificial lights should be natural and warm so you can easily fall asleep and create a cozy ambiance in your home. 



It’s important to find a way to escape the stress and relax and with these 5 steps, you will easily and inexpensively zen-up your home. That way you will build a perfect sanctuary for you and your family to spend quality time together and recharge with the positive energy. 

Guest Author: Alexis Walker

Today’s post comes courtesy of Alexis Walker. Alexis is an Environmental Scientist, part-time lifestyle writer and a full-time mom of two. A big thank you to Alexis for sharing thoughts here at TwinPickle. If you are a budding designer, declutterer and blogger, and would like to be featured, do get in touch at mom@twinpickle.com.

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