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Rainbow Striped Smoothie Popsicles

Rainbow Striped Smoothie Popsicles

Fun to make with kids, nutritious and delicious, these rainbow striped smoothie popsicles are a real crowd-pleaser for summer parties. The look on the kids’ faces, when they pulled the popsicle out of the mold, was worth the extra time to make the layers. They also really enjoyed the measuring and careful layering while using … Read more

One Twin Bullying the Other

One Twin Bullying the Other: The Power Struggle

Many of us have personal experience with sibling rivalry, but when a parent watches one twin bullying the other it can be particularly difficult to stomach. Twins are known for their eternal bond but does being a twin genetically predispose a sense of hierarchy? Bullying of some form is something many parents of multiples witness, … Read more

Pokemon Bedroom Ideas

Pokemon Bedroom Ideas They’ll Love

When it comes to trending kids’ obsessions, Pokemon stands the test of time. The ever-evolving creatures, their battles, trainers, and Pokeballs offer oodles of inspiration to create fun, unique styling. These adorable Pokemon bedroom ideas are sure to appeal to Pokemon fans everywhere, whether you’re looking to DIY or buy some ready-to-go statement pieces. Pokémon … Read more

Best Kid-Friendly Hikes in Las Vegas

The 12 Best Kid-Friendly Hikes in Las Vegas

Las Vegas attracts around 50 million tourists every year. Not everyone wants to hunker down at the blackjack table; many come to Vegas for the beautiful mountains, abundant hiking trails, and endless sunshine. Whether you’re on a family vacation or a local looking to venture out with the little ones, this selection of kid-friendly hikes … Read more

PAW Patrol Toy Sharing

Why PAW Patrol Saves the Day When It Comes to Sharing

As a parent of twins, I know too well how important it is to encourage sharing between siblings. My twin boys are four years old, and I feel like we have turned a corner towards being able to diffuse conflicts and encourage a better relationship when it comes to sharing. I have broken up my fair share of squabbles, and I hope to pass on some tips for keeping the peace at home while also showcasing their latest PAW Patrol toy!

Cute Custom Bookcase Ideas for Kids Rooms

10 Cute Custom Bookcase Ideas for Kids Rooms

It’s National Reading Week (and month!) and to celebrate I’m sharing some adorable creative inspiration for your kids room or playroom. Storage is always important when it comes to designing kid’s spaces, but there’s no reason it can’t also enhance the decor. These cute custom bookcase ideas could transform any room and encourage all your little readers to get stuck in!