10 Cute Custom Bookcase Ideas for Kids Rooms

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It’s National Reading Week (and month!) and to celebrate I’m sharing some adorable creative inspiration for your kid’s bedroom or playroom. Book storage is always important when it comes to designing kid’s spaces, but there’s no reason it can’t also enhance the decor. These cute custom bookcase ideas could transform any room and encourage all your little readers to get stuck in!

10 Cute Custom Bookcase Ideas for Kids Rooms

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I ‘finished’ my daughter’s bedroom last summer, but I missed the need for some decent book storage. She has a basket next to her bed but its overflowing, along with the top of her dresser. She needs somewhere to stash all those treasured books and I’d love to build something custom because it’s been a while since I took on a project.

10 Cute Custom Bookcase Ideas for Kids Rooms

Dollhouse Desk Shelves

A simple bookcase is transformed into something totally charming in this beautiful Los Angeles home designed by InHance Interiors. Adding a simple peak to your bookcase with an adorable wallpaper backing brings the piece to life and creates an adorable focal point to the room.

The Bookworm Bookcase

Playful and eye-catching, this ‘bookworm bookcase’ from Kartell is customizable to bend into whatever creative shape you can come up with. It’s a little pricey and I’m wracking my brains on how to DIY this one. If I come up with something I’ll be sure to share!

Curved Bookcases to Buy (Click to Browse):

Bookworm bookcaseBookworm Bookcase
Curved BookcaseCurved Bookcase

Window Seat Bookcase

If you have the space to lose a few inches, build your bookcase around the window and make the most of all that wall space. I love the bold red color chosen by J.P. Franzen Architects for this storage and window seat, and it looks like the perfect spot to curl up with a book.

Asymmetrical Custom Bookcase

Who says bookcases need to be level? Let gravity stack your books at an asymmetrical angle and enhance your kid’s room design with a sharp contemporary look. This room is the handiwork of PebbleKids in Instanbul, Turkey. I particularly like the palette of colors and sharp detailing.

The Tree Bookcase

This stunning bookcase is made by Timoore in Poland and I believe is only available in Europe at the moment. The orange-colored backing is part of the bookshelf, not painted onto the wall, and I don’t see why you couldn’t have a go at making something similar yourself by fixing through from the back. Maybe I’ll brave it although it certainly won’t be as perfectly executed!

Tree Bookcases You Can Buy (Click to Browse):

Tree Bookcase AmazonTree Bookcase Amazon
Branch BookcaseBranch Shelf Etsy
Shelf-TreeShelf Tree Custom Etsy
Babyletto BookcaseBabyletto Bookcase

Skateboard Bookcase

For a quirky custom kid’s bookcase, how about stacking up old skateboards? The way the wheels of the board above act as bookends is pretty genius and I’m sure any budding skater boy / skater chick would think this idea was cool.

Cabin Bed Bookcase Steps

This awesome boy’s room is designed by Tamara Hubinsky Interiors and if you have the space I love the idea of a proper staircase up to the bed. The steps create the perfect book storage space!

Fireplace Bookcase

If you have a decorative fireplace that’s no longer in use, it can create the perfect little space to stash some books! The pop of color to this gorgeous NYC Upper East Side Residence is perfect. If you want to see more of this home, check out Lien Luu Interior Design.

Bookcase Secret Door

Who doesn’t love a secret door? This is not something I’d take on myself but I know my kids would love it!

If In Doubt, There’s Always IKEA…

I couldn’t end this post without sharing this adorable set up from Paula Duarte Interiores in Madrid. When you don’t have the time or means for custom, there’s always IKEA… this Kallax system is perfect for books and toy storage alike.

I now need to decide how creative I want to get with my bookcase project! My daughter’s room is already busy with furniture and it isn’t huge. I need something relatively compact but efficient which can hold lots of books! Which cute custom bookcase idea is your favorite?

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