6 Places We Store Kids Books At Home

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I rarely buy kids books, yet we seem to have multiple libraries around the house. Elsie has always adored reading, and between birthdays, Christmas and regular library visits we’ve built up quite the collection. I’m sharing a few of our official storage spaces, although I do admit they make their way all over the place, ha!

6 Places We Store Kids Books at Home

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The Twins have also caught the bookworm bug and love browsing books for their bedtime story. They have a lot of big sister’s hand-me-downs which explains their love for ballerina books. 

I don’t remember reading much as a child. It wasn’t something that particularly interested me but I love that my kids show more enthusiasm. We’ve always kept books at hand… the easier they are to get to, the more likely they’ll get picked up! 

6 Places We Store Kids Books At Home

Playroom Cube Storage

When you’re looking to store kids books, you have to decide whether you want a traditional shelf set up with the book spines showing or you want the front of the books on display. A cube storage unit is perfect for the former, and combined with toy boxes, they make the perfect playroom storage.

This particular unit is a Better Homes Cube Organizer… same kind of unit as an IKEA Kallax, with the same kind of price tag. We added plywood to the back of ours because it used to be a room divider!

Playroom Storage Kids Books at Home

The cute storage boxes are from 3 Sprouts and available on Amazon. And if you haven’t seen my closet IKEA hack using a Kallax unit, check it out –> here.

Playroom Book Display Shelves

We have a lot of books and I wanted to make a feature of some of the prettier ones. I also like to keep some of Elsie’s precious ones out of the reach of her twin brothers! I created this vertical book display using IKEA picture ledges

Book Display Store Kids Books at Home

This book storage display was part of a bigger reading nook project, including a DIY light up canopy… check out the post –> here.

Low-Level Book Sling

I like sling style book storage because it’s easy for little ones to use without knocking books off shelves and it displays the books front on. I find thicker books look great on a deep traditional shelf, but we have a lot of those large but slim paperbacks and the kids can’t see which books are which when they are end on. 

The sling style shelves are perfect for toddlers and show off the books so well. I’m tempted to move this one into the Twins bedroom or downstairs but at the moment it’s also in our playroom.

Library Book Sling Store Kids Books at Home

This KidKraft sling bookshelf unit is available on Amazon as it’s great value for money. Excuse the peanut butter finger marks on mine… those are our own customization, ha!

Bedside Book Box

Before we had a playroom, Elsie kept most her books in her bedroom. When she was a toddler we’d go in to check on her before we went to bed and 90% of the time she’d be fast asleep with a book open on her face. We’ve always had a rule of no toys in the bedroom (except soft ones) but plenty of books and I’m sure this is one of the reasons she reads so much.

Bedroom Box Store Kids Books at Home

The Twins Night STand

The Twins keep a small collection of books in their room, limited because I have to pick most of them off the floor every morning! They too have started to ‘read’ books after I put them to bed. We have an official bedtime story and afterwards, they pick a book each to get tucked in with. Elsie and the boys both have a night light on when they go to sleep so they have just enough light to read.

Boys Room Storage Kids Books at Home

This shared nightstand sits between the two beds and is actually a TV stand cabinet! If you want to see more of their room, check out my post on their adventure themed twin bedroom.

The Lounge Rotation Box

I try to keep the living room free from toys. We are lucky to have a separate playroom and I like the toys to stay there. Having said that I’m not a total party pooper and allow a tub of Duplo and a small box of toys/books which are on rotation. It’s a little dip-in box to keep the Twins busy when they’re in the living room. I switch out what’s in it so they’re always keen to have a look!

Lounge Box Store Kids Books at Home

Involuntary Bonus Book Spaces

Despite having these six official places to store kids books, we still manage to maintain a few unofficial ones. The kitchen table is always home to a stack of coloring books, Elsie’s favorite ‘Drawing Manga for the Beginner‘ book and something she’s currently reading. The car is always scattered with books and comics and lastly… the bathroom floor.

Bathroom Comics Store Kids Books at Home

Elsie gets her favorite comic book delivered from England every week (thankyou Nanny Sue) and there is always a pile of them on the floor next to the toilet. What can I say… she takes after her father.

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