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The back to school routine can take some settling into. As our little ones get bigger they become busier too! More homework and after-school activities can mean even less time to spend a quiet moment with Mom. Mom/daughter time is important and I’m making an effort to find activities and time slots that work with family life.

Mom/daughter time within the back to school routine

Mother/daughter time was easier when Elsie was my only child. These days I have the Twins to worry about and as toddlers they are pretty demanding. During the school break and weekends, we’ve always had nap time to spend together. Whether it be doing homework, baking or simply watching a TV show. Now, I need to find another slot to hang out together.

Making the most of Staggered Bedtimes

The Boys go to bed an hour before Elsie and during the break, this time was often spent cleaning up or catching up with my husband. It’s actually the perfect time to spend a bit of quality time with Elsie and because the house is quiet and we can both wind down for the evening.

Mom/daughter time with popcorn and netflix

This is not the best slot for playing basketball or a dance workout, I’m thinking more chilled before bedtime! This week we picked up some Pop Secret popcorn from Walmart and got cozy for one of Elsie’s favorite Netflix shows, Spirit Riding Free”. She introduced me to the latest series in preparation for the release of Season 6, available on Netflix August 17th.

Mom:daughter time sharing snacks

We love Pop Secret popcorn! It’s a delicious, high-quality snack that people can feel good about sharing with their family. It’s so easy to make and has a great butter taste. Plus… popcorn is fun! Celebrate life’s simple joys, Elsie still get’s excited when she hears popping coming from the kitchen!

Mom:daughter time with pop secret popcorn

How to USE Mom/Daughter Time

I’m looking for quiet activities that allow for conversation, bonding and general off-loading if Elsie’s needs it. We both love to craft and make things and if you’re looking for some new activities DreamWorksTV on Youtube have some fun crafty activities for girls as well as snippets from “Spirit Riding Free” to watch. I’ve included one below:

Occasionally we have to do homework after the Twins go to bed but it’s not ideal if Elsie’s tired. Curling up on the sofa for a cuddle in her PJs is definitely a better way to end the day. I’m not much of a cuddly person when I’m running around in the day and Elsie adores it if we get to snuggle in front of the TV.

“Spirit Riding Free” tells the story of a 12yr-old girl who bonds with a horse and frees him from wranglers. Her and her friends embark on adventures with their horses and it’s an all-round feel-good, horse lovers show. It has the perfect ppeal to my 8yr-old daughter and she’s always loved stories of horse and ponies. 

If you love the show like we do, download some free “Spirit Riding Free” printable activities.  We like the “Spirit Riding Free” Bingo and the word search, both great for mom/daughter time!

Some other quiet but fun mom/daughter time activities:
  • Drawing each other’s portraits;
  • Relaxation/yoga session;
  • Facials and pedicures;
  • Organizing her closet/ jewelry box;

Stick to activities that are not too difficult. Elsie, like many kids her age, gets frustrated with difficult tasks when she’s tired and you don’t want to end up in tears before bedtime!

I hope to keep up regular mom/daughter time with Elsie as the school year goes on. I’ve talked before about the importance of finding time for your other child when you have twins, and now we’re back at school it needs rethinking again. It’s not possible every day, and that’s OK. But I hope to assign a couple of regular spots a week that we can spend together. 


  1. We never regret spending time with our kids. Life moves to fast and they grow up so fast. My daughter is 31 and we still make mom and daughter dates. If we don’t make time something else will gladly fill it!

  2. Spending time one on one is so important. It gives everyone involved that warm and fuzzy feeling. And the kids yoga channel on Kids YouTube is great!


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