Teaching Kids About Self-Care

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This post is sponsored by Natrol but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

We live in a world of increased mental and physical health concerns and in response, there is a growing trend for pro-active self-care. ‘Self-care‘ is a term I had never heard ten years ago but now I stumble across it all the time. We have become so consumed with the mayhem of day to day life, many of us have forgotten how to look after ourselves. Let’s hope the next generation can do better, but they’re going to need our help.

Today I’m talking self-care for kids and introducing Natrol Multi Gummies for all the family…

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I look at my daughter these days and think… how did that happen? Where did my little girl go? Before I know it I’m going to be dealing with a fully fledged hormonal teenager and the more prep I do now as a parent the better. Elsie’s montessori school have a weekly class covering gardening, food, health and nutrition. This is a great start because she often comes home telling me all about it. But there is so much more to self-care and I want her to understand what it means to really look after herself.

The Importance of Exercise

Elsie is a sports fanatic at the moment which is adorable and fun to follow. For her, it’s all about being faster, stronger and hanging out with her friends. But recently we’ve also talked about what it means when your heart goes crazy and you feel out of breath. What does it mean to be fit and healthy? Beyond winning, why is strength and agility important? 

Teaching Kids ABout Self-Care Exercise

Taking Time to Look after Specific Body Parts

I remember being about Elsie’s age and my Dad saying “You need to look after your teeth, they’re the only bones you have on the outside of your body and you’re stuck with them.” Obviously, it’s important to look after all your bones but at that young age it was powerful message. 

At 8yrs-old, Elsie is becoming more independent and yet still has little interest in cutting her toenails or brushing her hair. I still need to check with her that she’s brushed her teeth. But at some point, she will have to take responsibility for these things herself. Explaining the importance of this kind of self-care is tricky because I don’t want it to be about her ‘looking’ better. But she loves how her hair feels when it’s freshly washed and that is a great starting place… self-care practices make you feel better.

Teaching Kids ABout Self-Care Pampering
This was the most ridiculous photo moment ever… the cucumbers would not stay on our eyes! We laughed a lot!

The Power of R & R

I get very frustrated with the everlasting snowball of school homework. We were sent home a whole pack of delights for the summer ‘break’, including a week by week schedule. It’s only going to get worse, and in order for our kids to cope with the increasing pressures from school, they need to learn good habits for taking a break. I have talked before about finding time for your older child when you have demanding little-ones, and although it’s equally important to have time to yourself, it can be fun to enjoy a little downtime together.

Teaching Kids ABout Self-Care Natrol

Nutrition and Acknowledging the Gaps

We’ve always cooked together and talked about food at home, so Elsie has a good base knowledge of nutrition. She’ll still opt for jelly beans and ice cream whenever she can but hey, she’s a kid. I’ve always tried to explain the balance… you can have treats but it’s also important to cover the essential food groups. 

Talking to kids about nutrition is difficult:

“So calories are energy… I’m going to get loads of energy from these jelly beans, they have loads of calories!”. Er… 

We’ve talked about fast-burning energy from processed sugars, and the sugar-rush and crash. We’ve talked about the importance of fiber and a healthy gut in regulating sugars and energy release. She’s endlessly interested in the roles of different foods: “What are potatoes good for? What are apples good for?” But she is a little picky and does like the food she recognizes and is familiar with. So, despite our efforts, there are bound to be nutrition gaps in her diet.

Elsie and I put together this fun video to introduce our readers to Natrol Multi Gummies, enjoy!

Supplementing Family Nutrition with Natrol

When choosing a multi-vitamin for myself and my kids, I look for the same things I do in my food: High-quality ingredients, void of nasties. Natrol Multi Gummies are made with 26 fruits and vegetables and are free of artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners and preservatives. When put to the child taste test I’ll be honest, I was nervous, but Elsie confirms that the kids’ gummies are also delicious.

Teaching Kids ABout Self-Care Natrol Gummies

They are made with organic ingredients, non-GMO, gelatin-free, vegetarian… Natrol have worked really hard to create a simple, clean way to boost nutrition. They also have three different gummies aimed at women, men and kids, so the whole family is covered. 

Read more about the range of vitamin products offered by Natrol –> here.

Teaching Kids ABout Self-Care Family Multi-vitamins

I will be continuing my quest for education at home for some time to come. I hope this post has given you the chance to ponder teaching kids about self-care while they’re young. Most of it falls naturally into conversation but sometimes its worth stepping back and considering our approach. And next time you’re at the shops, look for the purple bottle top to find Natrol Multi Gummies.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.*

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