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top tips for making baby food at home possible featured

Top tips for making baby food at home possible

Let’s be honest, it’s easier to buy baby food than make it, and the temptation of those ready made pouches could turn any mom off cooking. That’s why it needs to be easy, it needs to be delicious enough that baby wants to eat it, and it needs to store easily. Here are some tips for those starting … Read more

To gym or not to gym?

You know once you go you’ll be guilt free, taking  joy in that all over ache while tucking into a well earned piece of chocolate cake. If you don’t go you’ll torture yourself about it all day, not only because you dream of a washboard stomach and buns of steel, but because your contract agreement has … Read more

things you may not know about identical twins

8 Things You May Not Know About Identical Twins

We all know they’re super cute, but there may be some things you don’t know about identical twins. As a mom of identical twins I am repeatedly asked many of the same questions, and often people are about the difference between identical and fraternal twins. Here are just a handful of geeky and fun facts about … Read more

Sleeping Upright During Twin Pregnancy

When I heard the words “today is extra-special because I can see two healthy heartbeats…” the first word that uttered from my mouth was “oh”, quickly followed by “no”. Not because I don’t love babies, and not because I don’t love a good BOGOF deal… But how was my 5ft 3″ body going to house … Read more