Questions twin moms are repeatedly asked and the quickest possible response.

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questions twin moms

Moms everywhere have little choice but to answer the same questions time and time again… How old is he? Is he sleeping through the night? Are you breastfeeding? (When exactly did it become appropriate for a stranger to ask that?!). But the questions twin moms have an abundance of others to deal with. Here are just a few of the most repeated questions twin moms have to answer week in week out…

questions twin moms

1. “Are they twins?”

Quick response: “Yes.”

Always wanted to try: “No. I just happen to have a double stroller housing two children of exactly the same age that look identical.”

2. “Do twins run in your family?”

Quick response: “No.”

Time saving tip: Even if this isn’t true, and even if you have identical twins, do not try and explain. You will give the perpetrator the perfect opportunity to tell you all about her husband’s sister’s neighbor who also has twins…

3. “You’ve got your hands full there.” “Oh… Double trouble!” or “Twins… How adorable.”

Quick response: Smile with an acknowledging nod and keep walking.

Note: This is not actually a question, so take the opportunity to run while you can. If you slow down or give a verbal response it will lead to a full scale incursion, toe grabbing and all.

4. “How do you do it?”

Quick response: “I have no choice.”

Alternatives if applicable: “Two nannies and a personal masseuse.”, “Wine.”, “a padded suit and earplugs.”  This question is often asked by new moms who are still traumatized by the arrival of their singleton child. The facial expression is usually somewhere between awe and pity.

5. “Are they on the same schedule?”

The only response: “Hahahahaha…” Accompanied by mild insane-mom eyes… this will allow you to slip away while they ponder what to say next.


It seems as my twins get older things won’t get any better. Here’s a bubbly pair called Samantha and Madeleine on Youtube telling us about the most common questions they STILL get asked…



I hope you enjoyed the post, and really, if the questions stopped I’d probably miss them!


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