To gym or not to gym?

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gym or cake

You know once you go you’ll be guilt free, taking  joy in that all over ache while tucking into a well earned piece of chocolate cake. If you don’t go you’ll torture yourself about it all day, not only because you dream of a washboard stomach and buns of steel, but because your contract agreement has meant this month the gym has cost you $74 per visit. This is me, everyday. Procrastination, maybe? But how easy is it really to get to the gym when you have young children?

Lets consider my options:

Before the babies wake up… Gym at 4am anyone?

After dropping my daughter at school and giving the twins their breakfast oatmeal… Nap time. So I can go, but it is going to require the strategic sleep transfer from the car to the stroller which is rarely successful for both babies, so you end up with one asleep, one awake and they’ll be out of sync for the rest of the day. And if it works, nap time is going to last 40mins instead of 2hrs so you’re going to have cranky babies for the rest of the day… Cranky out of sync babies.

Before lunch… There is a very small window of opportunity here so it requires stealth and savvy. I’m yoga panted up, bag packed and ready to go, waiting by the monitor listening in for them to wake from nap time. Once awake it is a full speed evacuation to get to the gym and burn off as much chocolate cake a possible before those twinkies get hungry. You might get a 45min work-out, but chances are in 25mins childcare is going to come get you because you have an inconsolable starving baby.

After lunch… Naptime option applies as above.

After picking my daughter up from school… This has to coincide with a day you’re not going straight to swim lessons or dance class, the library, the grocery store, a play date or a dentist appointment. So this is your once a month opportunity to burn some serious pie while someone else looks after your kids. Please note, snack time is required for all beforehand or you’re going to end up in ‘before lunch’ territory.

As all mothers know 5-7pm is that time where you become a rather less graceful wonder woman, flying from bath-running to the kitchen, making sure homework gets finished in the mix. And so onward to evenings we go.

After the kids are in bed… This is probably the best time to go but let’s be honest, between feeding yourself, washing bottles and having your first adult conversation of the day, can you really be bothered? I’m sold… going to quit the gym, save the cash and buy better quality cake.

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8 thoughts on “To gym or not to gym?”

  1. Your amazing to even have a membership..mine got cancelled after it made me too guilty being in my purse, the only free time I had was between 5-6am or 9-10 pm and I had all the drive to go..until I decided I would rather be in bed 🙂 #Fridayfrolics xx

  2. Definitely! I used to always be in the gym pre-kids. But now I don’t have time/can’t be arsed to go! Have had brief dalliances with fitting in a run, but even that seems like too much effort really!

    Thanks so much for joining #FridayFrolics. Hope to see you next time.


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