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Advice based on the personal experience of twin moms. Resources for parents of multiples and those expecting twins. Twin pregnancy to preschooler twins.

What are Semi-identical Twins

What are Semi-Identical Twins & Why are They so Rare?

Us twin moms often have a laugh at people who ask if boy/girl twins are identical. Just to make it clear… if your kids are packing different junk, they are not identical. Another way...
Knowing whether you are expecting fraternal or identical twins

When You Don’t Know if You’re Expecting Identical or Fraternal Twins

Medical tech can tell us all a lot about our unborn babies, yet some expectant parents don't know if they are expecting identical or fraternal twins. Why?

Handmade, Unique & Personalized Holiday Gifts

This post was sponsored by Amazon Handmade as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own. Holiday gift shopping is in full swing and...
Taking Two Threenagers to the Disney Christmas Parade

Taking Two Threenagers to the Disney Christmas Parade

We have been to both Disneyland and Disney World before but not since the Twins were able to enjoy it. A double birthday is the perfect excuse for a trip and I couldn’t wait...
Transitioning to special education preschool

A Year of Speech Therapy: Transitioning to Special Education Preschool

Our first week of special education preschool has been a total hit! The Twins are about to turn 3yrs old and it’s been 18months since we started our speech therapy journey. We’ve learned a...
Separated the twins at school

The Day I Chose to Separate the Twins

To separate or not to separate? That is the question. Twins are bonded together from birth in a way non-twin folk will never understand. I am not a twin and I like my independence…...
Perfectly Coordinated Halloween Costumes for Twins & Siblings

16 Coordinating Halloween Costumes for Twins

It’s that time of year! With a month to go until Halloween, us parents need to get our thinking caps on. When you are a parent of multiples there is an obligation to the...
Twin Stockholm Syndrome Brothers Fighting Siblings

Twin Stockholm Syndrome or Brotherly Love?

Most parents of multiples experience dominance in one. It’s natural for a leader to emerge. I have reported on the dominant/submissive relationship of my boys a few times before but things have taken an interesting turn....
Kids' Indoor Play Tents and Playhouses

My Top 10 Picks for Kids’ Indoor Play Tents

I’ve been decluttering the playroom this week, organizing and purging toys the kids no longer play with. But with the purge comes the urge to splurge, and I’ve been browsing fun kids’ indoor play...
Drinking Milk Increase Your Chances of Twins

Does Drinking Milk Increase Your Chances of Twins?

A study in 2006 claimed you are five times more likely to conceive fraternal twins if you consume a dairy-rich diet. I’m sharing the science behind this study and looking at worldwide trends for increased...
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