How to Encourage Preschooler Problem Solving

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This post is sponsored by Entertainment One and Scholastic. Although I received compensation for spreading the word about Mission to the Moon, all opinions expressed are my own.

Problem-solving is one of the most important skills our children can learn, but luckily there are fun ways for them to do it! In today’s modern World, problem-solving skills need opportunities to flourish, and I’m sharing thoughts on how you can encourage preschooler problem-solving. I’m also bringing awareness to a fantastic online activity inspired by the kids’ TV show PJ Masks. There’s even a sweepstake to win a family trip to New York!

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Before I moved the US and had twins, I worked as an Architect and a science teacher. Therefore I am all about the problem-solving! I believe problem-solving activities are the most fun and young kids love a challenge.

Allowing Kids to Solve Everyday Problems

There are opportunities for preschooler problem solving all around us. Even as babies, we are programmed to work hard and conquer. This helps us learn to walk, communicate and advance as adults. I can be guilty of jumping in too soon to solve a problem for my children because I’m in a hurry, or I can see it ending in frustration and tears. But young children learn from these experiences and allowing them independence in the problem-solving will bring them confidence and strength.

Even kids’ favorite TV shows can encourage them to problem-solve. PJ Masks is ground in teamwork and friendship and together the characters are ready to take on any challenge!

pre-schooler problem solving shoes

5 Examples of Everyday Problems Preschoolers Solve:
  1. Using the bathroom,
  2. Putting socks and shoes on,
  3. Pouring themselves a drink,
  4. Using a knife and fork,
  5. Making friends.

It took my boy Arthur 24hrs of potty training before he worked out he could pour water from his cup into the potty to convince me he had gone. You’ve got to admire the problem-solving skills!

Structured Activities For Preschooler Problem Solving

There are so many educational play activities which help develop problem-solving and activate the mind. Whether it be a hands-on activity like building the tallest tower out of blocks or working out how to draw a face for the first time, it’s all problem solving.

preschooler problem solving pattern blocks

4 of My Favorite PreSchooler Problem Solving Activities:
  1. Pattern blocks are the next step on from puzzles because they can be used to creatively make any design. Whether you’re matching templates (like the picture above) or making your own creations, they are lots of fun!
  2. Threading beads is an activity my boys do during speech therapy. It is not only fantastic for fine motor skills but can also be used to copy patterns of colors and shapes. Thread a lace of mixed beads yourself and ask your child to make an exact copy. Getting the order right can be tough!
  3. Building anything is a fabulous way to problem solve. Building a fort requires kids to resource materials and put them together. Building blocks are more structured but can be equally inventive. I have noticed recently that my little ones have stopped trying to put the rounded block on their tower too early… It takes a while to work that one out!
    preschooler problem solving blocks
  4. Following a craft can be frustrating for preschoolers. They can see Mom quickly cutting out her flower and sticking on the pasta shape center, and they want to be able to do the same. Chunking it down into very separate tasks helps them tackle one problem at a time. Mission to the Moon offers preschooler craft ideas, find out more below!

Although educational toys are worth investing in, do make the most of fabulous online resources too. Whether it be craft tutorials or ideas for role play activities, there is so much available for our generation of moms, make the most of it! Which brings me to Mission to the Moon… 

Mission to the Moon

Inspired by the show PJ Masks, Entertainment One and Scholastic have together created Mission to the Moon. It’s an online resource designed to encourage social-emotional learning, creativity, and problem-solving. Mission to the Moon is aimed at preschool age children (5 and under) and is packed with tips, stories, and activities around the theme of space… who doesn’t love space? The characters of PJ Masks are pretty good problem solvers and incorporating them into the website is a great way to catch kids’ interest.

Mission to the Moon offers resources for parents and children alike, such as an article on the power of play for early development, and a craft video that teaches kids how to make their own straw rocket launcher! I love playing around with new resources online because it’s important to find what works best for your child. They are all different, even my identical twins are pretty different in what they choose to engage with. 

Chance to Win Trip to New York’s Science Museums!

Mission to the Moon is running a sweepstake through the month of July, via the Scholastic website and the Scholastic Parents Facebook page. Every day (for 30days) a new space-themed question will be posted, and families can enter their answer through the Scholastic Sweepstake website. For every response, you’ll be entered for a chance to win a trip to New York for a family of four, to visit New York’s science museums.

Runners-up will receive books and space-themed toys so I highly recommend getting involved!

Enter here –>

Sweepstake Terms: NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Legal residents of the 50 US and DC. 18+ with at least one child who is currently 12 years of age or younger at the time of entry. Void where prohibited. Full official rules found on the Scholastic Sweepstake website.


I hope this post has broadened your thoughts on preschooler problem solving, as well as spread the word on an exciting new resource. Do let me know your thoughts and good luck with the sweepstake!

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  1. My kids love building forts too. These are great tips to teaching kids problem solving. I guess the main thing is to encourage them to think for themselves no matter what they are doing. I do agree doing puzzles is a great way. And exploring the world. PJ Masks certainly have a way of tickling kids’ brains. 🙂 Great give away. My kids will love NY Science museum.

  2. I love watching my boys working out problems on their own. They often come up with solutions I had not seen. They love building forts, too…out of anything!


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