5 Forgotten Joys of Parenting Newborn Twins

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Newborn twins are challenging. But, despite the difficulties, they are magical, awe-inspiring and so darn cute. Don’t let concerns about parenting newborn twins dampen your spirits, there are bountiful joys to be had in those first few months. It really is a special time filled with love and double the baby snuggles.

5 Forgotten Joys of Parenting Newborn Twins from TwinPickle

I read the most beautiful Facebook post yesterday all about twin mom scaremongering. Although being informed is important, there is a fine line between too much and too little knowledge. Be sure to expose yourself to a healthy balance of information, not just the potential struggles. So often we are consumed by the practical stuff we totally forget to revel in the awesome that’s about to happen.

Joys of Parenting Newborn Twins Holding

Consider parenting twins as a gift, a blessing… a fertility miracle in many cases. This lovely story from “That’s Inappropriate” is worth a read, it brought a tear to my eye and inspired this blog post:


If you’re expecting two bundles of joy, you may be feeling apprehensive about sleepless nights, the cost of diapers and breastfeeding two babies at the same time. All important practical stuff, but rest assured there are plenty of wonders to look forward to. Put your mind at ease, parenting newborn twins is fun I promise!

5 Joys of Parenting Newborn Twins

Holding two babies for the first time

When you cuddle your newborn twins for the first time it really is magic. You are filled with twice the love and you are looking at not one, but two little faces you have been waiting to meet for months. The hospital and family can help you with the logistics of holding them, newborns are floppy and no one expects you to be able to grab and go with one under each arm. 

Joys of Parenting Newborn Twins Birth

Quickly you will feel more comfortable handling two newborns. Some moms like to tandem breastfeed and cuddle both at once. I preferred to handle one at a time which meant everything took a little longer but I found it easier and I got more one-on-one time. Whichever works for you… I promise you you’ll work it out!

Adorable Outfits & Photos

Who doesn’t enjoy showing off photos of their kids? But when you are parenting newborn twins the photos are literally double the fun. Whether you like to perfectly match them, coordinate, or show off their individual personalities, it is a lot of fun dressing twins. 

Joys of Parenting Newborn Twins Outfits

I follow a lot of twin moms on Instagram and whether they’re identical or fraternal, there are so many adorable moments to be captured on camera together. 

Automatic Supermom Status

When you tell people you are expecting twins it’s nearly always a shock. But when you’re walking around with newborn twins total strangers will gasp with excitement. The attention can be a little overwhelming at first but you’ll soon work out how to avoid eye contact and keep walking when you’re not in the mood for questions. They only ask because they are in awe of the twin magic!

Joys of Parenting Newborn Twins Sleeping
I mean really… who could resist?

Parenting twins allows you a break from the increasing social pressures and expectations of motherhood. If you chose not to cloth diaper… well it’s twins. If you haven’t quite made it back into your pre-pregnancy jeans… er, twins. I’m not saying you should lower your standards, I’m just saying you get to hold your head high. You are awesome.

Their Love for Each Other (and You)

Right from the start, you can feel the love one twin has for another. Sure, they’re going to fight and steal each other’s girlfriends when they’re older, but for now, they are all the other one knows. The marvel of watching twins snuggled up together on an ultrasound is quite incredible and having two sets of adoring eyes staring up at you at once is pretty fantastic.

5 Forgotten Joys of Parenting Newborn twins

You will feel their love for each other as much as their love for Mom, and all of it will fill you up and keep you going when you need it. As they get older they will start to notice each other by sight, smile and giggle at each other. It literally is enough to make your heart explode.

When You Crack a New Twin Mom Skill

It can be daunting to give twinning a go… I’m talking about the logistical stuff. Tandem baby wearing, double feeding, getting them to nap at the same time. It’s tricky, but when you crack a new twin mom skill you are going to validate that supermom status mentioned above… and it’s when, not if. 

Joys of Parenting Newborn Twins Feeding

It was only about two weeks in when I felt comfortable in my nighttime feeding routine. There wasn’t much sleep involved but I had a method, it was calm and collected and it worked! All moms have those moments where they realize they’ve got this… and with parenting newborn twins those moments are twice as fulfilling. 

If you’re expecting twins and are feeling nervous, don’t be. All the difficult stuff will work itself out. My pregnancy was going to be my second and last child and I was surprised by twins. It has been an incredible journey so far and I wouldn’t change it for the world.


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7 thoughts on “5 Forgotten Joys of Parenting Newborn Twins”

  1. Thank you for this article: you are a God-send! Im 32 amd a FTM pregnant with boy/girl twins at 35 weeks. This is the first blog i’ve read that didnt make me want to curl up in the fetal position and make me feel inadequate. I truly believe my husband and i got this but of course theres always doubt. As much as i wanted to feel excited about my miraculous pregnancy (and trust me, its definitely miraculous) ive been feeling anything but. Thank you for this article; it reminded me why i prayed for this in the 1st place!

    • 35wk, you’re doing great!! I’m so glad this post gave you a boost, it is daunting waiting for those babes to arrive. Newborn twins are absolutely magic… take it easy and enjoy! ❤️

  2. I’m 14 weeks along with twins and my baby boy just turned 1 year old. The scare mongering is so freaking real all over the internet, so thank you from the bottom of my heart for this more positive spin on things. The list of ways it will be great is always shorter than the list of ways it will be hard, but the greater things are so much greater than the hard stuff is hard. Keep well and thanks so much again!

    • Congrats!! What an exciting time! I was a bag of mixed emotions at 14wks but ultimately bursting with awe and excitement at the idea of two babies! ? I hope you have a happy healthy pregnancy! ❤️

  3. I know this post is older but i so needed to stumble upon it. The fear and negativity surrounding twin pregnancy and birth stories out there is overwhelming. I needed to see your kind and beautiful words about the wonderment I am in for. I truly thank you for putting my heart at ease, you have no idea what that ease means to me. Amelia.

    • Hi Amelia! I’m so glad the post gave you a confidence boost. My boys are 6yrs old now and are about the start first grade. They are a total hoot and I can’t imagine life any other way. Good luck and have fun!


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