Totally Impractical Baby Clothes We All Love to Buy

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I’ve been getting into Pinterest this week, and just can’t resist all those adorable toddler outfits that makes 2yr olds look like the’re a mini Justin Beiber. They look great in pictures and maybe Victoria Beckham’s kids can pull it off, but for the rest of us they tend to get worn once for a photo and never again. Because the Beiber look is ridiculous for a baby or toddler. Here is my shortlist for totally impractical baby clothes we just love to buy.

1. Skinny Jeans

I was given my first pair of baby skinnies by a friend when my daughter was born. They were heart-meltingly cute and I couldn’t wait to get them on her. But when I did I soon realised you can’t fold a baby in skinny jeans. So unless you plan on confining your child to stretched out horizontal configurations, I highly advise against skinny jeans for babies.

This guy has made the semi sitting position but may lose sensation to his toes at any moment.

Photo pinned from

2. Collared Shirts

As my Mother-in-Law once pointed out, newborn babies do not have necks. It suddenly became clear in that moment… this is why young babies look totally hilarious and uncomfortable in collared shirts. I also have a problem with the ironing… come on people, be honest – how often do you iron your baby clothes? So the shirt ends up crinkled, awaiting ironing, which never happens.

And don’t even get me started on the cap in this photo…

How long to you think that cap is staying on? This cutie can be seen at

3. Sunglasses

I’m not talking about those tinted goggles with the elastic head band to fix them on, I’m talking sunglasses with swag… the type Bieber babies are wearing all over Pinterest. Maybe it’s just my kids, but I can’t even wear sunglasses in close proximity to the twins, let alone keep something on their heads for more than 7 seconds. If Babiators want to send me a pair (better make that two), I’ll put them to the test, but it seems so ridiculous to me I’ve never even tried.

Image courtesy of MitziKnitz at

4. Shoes

Don’t they just make your heart want to explode? There is nothing better than the tiniest of tiny baby shoes to give you case of the fuzzies. But I quickly learnt with my first born there is absolutely no point in trying to keep shoes on an infant. It will take them literal seconds to pull them off, and if not they will just drop off while you’re out in the stroller. The only shoes that stay on babies are the ones with the elastic around the ankle, and I’m pretty shoes you won’t be seeing Beiber in a pair of those anytime soon.

Those Uggs are coming off the second this munchkin wakes up. Photo found at

5. Puffer Jackets

I know I live in the desert, but I haven’t always. When my daughter was new, we lived in wet and windy England… perfect for totally impractical baby clothes like puffer jackets. When it’s cold and miserable outside, you usually want to drive instead of walk, and can you fit your marshmellow baby in the car seat? No. Cue awkward scrambling to take jacket off while cold rain runs down your back… ugh. 

Cuteness courtesy of

So… if you just love impractical baby clothes (who doesn’t), go for it and buy these wardrobe staples. However, if you want to save your pennies and keep Baby comfortable, keep them in a one piece until they can walk. Come on twinnies… hurry up so Mama can get shopping.

Lastly, in case you want some tips on how to dress like Beiber, InStyle have got you covered with ‘7 Style Lessons we Learned from Justin Beiber’


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31 thoughts on “Totally Impractical Baby Clothes We All Love to Buy”

  1. Hehe oh yes what a great list! I made the mistake of buying my daughter a jump suit – looked adorable but was a nightmare because I had to strip her down whenever she needed her nappy changing. Needless to say, I didn’t buy any more! Haha #TheListLinky

  2. This is so funny! I am definitely of the onesie until they can walk camp. The thing that amazed me is how so many people gave me baby socks as a gift for my firstborn. These seem like the world’s most useless item to me! Kicked off immediately! I can see that value in mini-Bieber fashion shoots though. #kcacols

  3. Totally agree with you about the shirts! My little boy had loads when he was younger – people insisted on buying the, for him, and they never got worn. He hated them around his neck, and shoes too – you just can’t get them on!
    However, now he is almost four, for the last twelve months skinny jeans have been a regular part of his wardrobe – not the super skinny kind, just to regular. He loves the and I must admit so do I. He’s got Mummas taste in clothes! 🙂 #pocolo

    • Yes, they do look totally adorable. My six year old however refused to wear anything but a dress until she was 3 and now just hates jeans. She’ll only wear bottoms if they have an elastic waist… she’s a comfort girl! ?

  4. My parents got Babiators on my daughter – they stayed on for all of 5 seconds! She has skinny jeans too, but they’re the stretchy kind so they’re actually more like leggings. We didn’t even bother with shoes until she started to walk – she refused to even keep socks on, so we figured shoes were a no-go. #EatSleepBlogRT

    • Little girls can definitely get away with jeggings… not sure boys can though. People are always convinced one (the same one) of my twins is a girl, even though they are super identical ?

  5. haha cute pics. The hat!!! I’m all about simple clothes for babies. My 8 month old daughter has never worn a dress. It just doesn’t seem practical to me! I’d want to be in something more comfy to sleep/crawl about in! #EatSleepBlogRT

    • Yes, dresses don’t really work either until they’re walking. Then they only want to wear dresses, mine was like that until about 3yrs!

  6. How funny! Super cute pics though. I remember buying jeans in 0-3month size for my first born – so awkward to get on and must have been uncomfortable for her lying around in them. Also! Trying to crawl wearing dresses is impossible as they kneel on the dress and can’t move. 2nd baby = just super comfy, stretchy leggings & tops!

  7. Ha ha the tiny shoes get me every time – I have several useless pairs for Pudding and she rolls her eyes at me every time I try to put them on and then kicks them off two seconds later! #eatsleepblogrt

  8. Hey Katherine,
    Oh Wow !! Amazing baby clothes!! This list is so marvelous and true. Really it such an adorable post. I’ve read so many amazing things about your article! I like the baby wearing. It’s such a great way to be able to get things done and your baby enjoys the ride. Thanks for sharing.


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