Telepathic Twins and Other Freaky Twin Stuff

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I’m in a Twinsie mood, which means today I’m getting my research hat on, and delivering to you some weird and wonderful tales of freaky twin stuff.

freaky twin stuff

Twin Telepathy

Some time ago, I posted a video of my boys laughing at each other on Facebook. A friend asked me “is that one of those freaky twin things? What are they laughing at?” Obviously I have to share the cuteness…

Likely, they are just wetting themselves over nothing in particular. But maybe they are one of the 20% of twins that claim to experience a telepathic bond. Maybe they were telepathically sharing a good joke… it was obviously a good one. This sixth sense has been documented many times including the story of Gemma Houghton who saved her twin sister, Leanne, when she “just got this feeling to check on her,”. Gemma found Leanne in a bathtub, unconscious after a seizure, nearly drowning.

How about the guy that learned to play the guitar, only to find his twin brother can mysteriously play without learning himself. How handy would this be for exams? You take Math, I’ll take history… sorted.

Twins have even been tested using a polygraph machine, to show they experience emotional changes while the other is exposed to something scary or a change in temperature in another room. Weird.

For more on that… read this.

Twins with Wacky Birthdays

Of course one baby has to come out first. George will forever be taunting Arthur about how he is the big brother, until they reach thirty and then it’s Arthur’s turn to have some fun. But things get really fun when twin deliveries start messing with the clock. If those Twinkies are born across midnight, they can have different birthdays or even birth years.

Freaky twin stuff definitely happened earlier this month when Emily and Seth Peterson delivered their twins across daylight savings in Massachusetts. Samuel was born at 1:39am and his brother Ronan was born 31 minutes later, making him 29 minutes older. Yes, the first born is younger than his brother according to the clock. Too much for a Monday?

Twins that Look Totally Different

Although identical twins share the same DNA, fraternal twins are essentially normal siblings, with totally unique genetic coding. As you may have noticed in your family, some siblings look very similar and others make you take a second look at the milkman. Imagine the surprise Vince and Donna Aylmer got when their fraternal twins came out looking as different as different can be. Their father is fair and their mother is half Jamaican – the results are quite astounding… love it!

Lucy and Maria Aylmer (source:

Find more photos of Lucy, Maria, and their family… here.

When Twins Marry Twins

There are around 250 documented cases of identical twins marrying identical twins. Maybe it’s because they are genetically programmed to find the same person attractive? Maybe it’s the novelty? Could it  just be freaky twin stuff? But what really blows my mind is when they start having kids… Genetically those kids are siblings, not cousins, right? Again, it’s Monday so I’ll stop and share this amazing photo instead… a match made in heaven:

Bring back the shell-suit… (source:

Find more photos of twins marrying twins… here.

Identical Twins Leading Identical Lives

There are a few tales of twins separated at birth that end up leading very similar lives. Maybe this one is a combination of telepathy and tendency to have the same taste? Who knows…

Jim Lewis and Jim Springer met for the first time at the age of thirty nine, after being separated at birth and adopted. Their first wives were both called Linda, their second wives both called Betty. They were both Sheriff’s deputies and drove the same brand of car. They named their childhood pets the same, smoked the same brand of cigarettes, drank the same beer…  And let’s not ignore that despite being adopted and named by two different families, they both ended up being called Jim! 

The ‘Jim Twins’ (source:

More on the ‘Jim Twins’ story… here.

That’s it for today’s freaky twin stuff… maybe I’ll dig up some more another day. And because you know you want more baby twin cuteness… here’s the first time I caught the boys laughing at each other. Adorable.



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15 thoughts on “Telepathic Twins and Other Freaky Twin Stuff”

  1. Absolutely fascinating! I have a friend who is one half of a twin and she told me she caught her sister waving at a reflection one day in a shop because she thought she was waving at her sibling. Makes me laugh every time I picture the scene! #productivemomslinkup

    • Haha, that’s hilarious. I often wonder when my boys look in the mirror and smile whether they realise it’s them or whether they just think it’s their brother?! Haha

  2. My best friend at Uni and I dated identical twins and it was uncanny the similarities in everything, the way they always knew what the other was thinking and if one was ill or in trouble the other could sense it – plus they always insisted on dressing the same – weird @ 20 I think?! #bigpinklink

  3. I absolutely loved every these posts!! This is all just mind bogglingly incredible!! I am especially fascinated by the twins with parents of different races, who were born looking so different!! It really is special to be an identical twin, and this kind of information makes me really wish I was one. Keep these posts coming, they’re brilliant!

  4. It must be so much fun having twins. Siblings have such a close bond, it must be so more intense with twins. I often wonder how they interacted in the womb for 9 months. It must be an amazing relationship to watch! #globalblogging

    • It is! I’m almost envious of them as there is a big age gap with my own brother and sister so I never had what they have. And as their mother I can confirm there was lots of interaction in the womb!!

  5. Omg these videos are hilarious! I can believe it’s telepathic or whatever you want to call it, I swear sometimes my mom knows when something is wrong she always calls at exactly the right time asking,”is everything okay?” Weird! The twins marrying each other is a bit weird as well, I’d question whether they actually love each other? Thanks for the interesting read and sharing with #GlobalBlogging!


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