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Kawaii Bookmark Corners Easy Kid Crafts

Fruity Kawaii Bookmark Corners: Easy Kid Crafts

These simple Kawaii bookmark corners and quick to make and once you break the seal you’ll have a whole fruit bowl in no time! This easy kid craft is perfect for my 8yr-old but is totally attainable for younger ones too. Once you’ve mastered the basic bookmark corner origami, you can quickly decorate with a … Read more

Twin Stockholm Syndrome Brothers Fighting Siblings

Twin Stockholm Syndrome or Brotherly Love?

Most parents of multiples experience dominance in one. It’s natural for a leader to emerge. I have reported on the dominant/submissive relationship of my boys a few times before but things have taken an interesting turn. It seems George’s boisterous authority has put him at the top of the food chain and the food web. Yes, Mom … Read more

Kids' Indoor Play Tents and Playhouses

My Top 10 Picks for Kids’ Indoor Play Tents

I’ve been decluttering the playroom this week, organizing and purging toys the kids no longer play with. But with the purge comes the urge to splurge, and I’ve been browsing fun kids’ indoor play tents. My list does include cardboard playhouses as well as tents. There are some awesome ones out there! *This post contains … Read more

Mom/daughter within the school routine Pop Secret

Mom/Daughter Time Within the Busy School Routine

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Snyder’s-Lance Inc, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #Pop4Spirit The back to school routine can take some settling into. As our little ones get bigger they become busier too! More homework and after-school activities can mean … Read more

6 Places We Store Kids Books At Home

I rarely buy kids books, yet we seem to have multiple libraries around the house. Elsie has always adored reading, and between birthdays, Christmas and regular library visits we’ve built up quite the collection. I’m sharing a few of our official storage spaces, although I do admit they make their way all over the place, … Read more

Drinking Milk Increase Your Chances of Twins

Does Drinking Milk Increase Your Chances of Twins?

A study in 2006 claimed you are five times more likely to conceive fraternal twins if you consume a dairy-rich diet. I’m sharing the science behind this study and looking at worldwide trends for increased multiple births. Does drinking milk increase your chances of twins? The Rise in Twin Births There has been a considerable rise in fraternal … Read more

DIY Dinosaur Mason Jars

DIY Dinosaur Mason Jars

I was in the mood for a project this weekend but didn’t have much time. I have been admiring plastic animal crafts on Pinterest for a while and thought it was time I had a go myself. These DIY dinosaur mason jars are so simple and take no time at all to put together. The … Read more