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how many kids is too many

How Many Kids is Too Many? (And Don’t Say One)

My daughter has always meant The World to me, and I was more than content with one baby for some time. Of course, when I did finally come round to the idea of ‘just one more’, we were surprised by twins, so Mother Nature had her own plans. I went from mom-of-one to mom-of-three overnight, which … Read more

what valentine's day means to kids

What Valentine’s Day Means to Kids

Not everyone is in love with Valentine’s Day, but you can safely say that most kids are. That’s because what Valentine’s Day means to kids may be a little different to us adults… I’m pretty sure it’s not all fancy date nights, or feeling depressed about their single status on Facebook. As soon as the buzz of Christmas … Read more

hygge home decor fi

Hygge Home Decor: Comfort for all Seasons

You may have heard of the Hygge home decor trend that is sweeping the globe, after it burst it’s borders of origin in Denmark. Although Hygge loosely translates as ‘coziness’, there is much more to it than that; so if we want to get the look and feel right, we need to understand more about what it … Read more

Tell Twins Apart FI

How to Tell Twins Apart

I have previously mentioned that twin moms are asked a lot of questions. If you want to know the most common ones I’m regular bombarded with, catch up with ‘Questions Twin Moms are Repeatedly Asked and the Quickest Possible Response.’ (Yes it was a long title and my Search Engine Optimization tool didn’t like it but … Read more

extraordinary plates

Extraordinary Plates for People with Personality

This was to be a interior design post all about the different things you can hang on your walls. I was going to start with plates, but I got totally carried away, and I’m now delivering to you a whole blog post on plates… whoops. I had no idea how many creatively designed, extraordinary plates there were … Read more