Colorful Bathrooms: How to Go Bold Without Going Overboard

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Dream bathrooms do not have to be white. There are plenty of beautiful, colorful bathrooms out there to inspire us to look beyond white, gray, and natural stone tones. You don’t have to go mad with it… I’m not suggested you go full retro and get yourself an avocado tub; but accents of color could be just what you’re looking for to bring warmth and bold style to your bathroom. Take a look at this washroom rainbow, and see what colors get you in the mood for a shower…

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Featured image source (blue bathroom):

Colored Grout

Photograph by Simon Bevan – Source:

Colored grout… it’s a thing now. Hexagon tiles and red grout? Even better. Colored grout will instantly style up your bathroom, and I particularly like how this tile only runs halfway up the wall and the color is continued in paint. The unfinished hexagonal edge makes it feel like a game of Tetris has crawled up the wall off the floor, I love it. You can get grout in all sorts of colors now, take a look at Stationmaster’s ‘Glamour Grout’.

Subway Tile

Hidden House, Ashburton, Devon

The popularity of subway tile means it is now available in any color you could think of. It’s a really simple way to bring a statement color into your bathroom and I’m a big fan of this bold orange. You can see more of this ‘Hidden House’ in Devon, UK, at Architects’ van Ellen + Sheryn’s website.


Mix Materials

Glass House

There is nothing particularly wacky about this bathroom; but the mix of materials gives it a wonderful glow of yellows and orange. It’s warm and inviting, despite the rather corporate glazing and blinds; and I enjoy the combination of painted wall, stone tile and wood floor. I also love the concrete frame adding to the mix. For more photos of this ‘Glass House’ in Chicago, visit Thomas Roszak Architecture.

Colored Cabinets


You may be tempted to paint your existing cabinets to reduce the cost of your bathroom renovation. When you do, consider a bigger palette than white. This yellow accent livens up this white bathroom perfectly.

Painted Wall


Pantone named ‘Greenery’ it’s color of the year for 2017. It that isn’t a reason to get painting, what is? Green gives the opportunity to bring some plants into your bathroom too, creating a mixed palette of coordinated shades. Green is also known to be a calming, relaxing color… perfect for a dip in the tub.

Patterned Tile


These moroccan inspired tiles bring color and pattern to a bathroom. Keeping the tile full height across the room creates a simple accent wall design, without being too fussy. Patterned tile might seem like a risky move, but teamed with simple white for the rest of the space, it can be easy to pull off.

Painted Bathtub


Who doesn’t love a free-standing claw foot tub? I miss ours since we moved from the UK, but am in the market for extending our bathroom to fit a bath, so who knows… You can paint the underside of your tub easily, in any shade, to bring a splash of color to your bathroom. I also love these hexagon mosaics on the floor!

While we’re in the realm of violet on my rainbow of colorful bathrooms…

PPG Paint couldn’t care less what Pantone say… they’ve come up with their own color of the year – ‘Violet Verbena‘. I’ve got to say, I rather like it, but sadly can’t find an image of bathroom that’s been painted in it yet. I’m leaving the swatch here in the hope one of you will feel inspired to paint your bathroom. Do send me a picture when you’re done…




Stephen Graver - Edington Bathroom Project
Photo by Stephen Graver Ltd – Source:
This gorgeous bathroom in Wiltshire, UK, by Stephen Graver is playing it safe with color. We’re not all ready to go tiling our walls in purple; so if you don’t have the balls for built-in color, bring some vibrance to your bathroom with towels, chairs and pictures. Remember, colorful bathrooms don’t need to be floor to ceiling color.

My rainbow is complete, I hope you enjoyed the colorful bathrooms. Do let me know which is your favorite!



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