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12 Meals Kids Can Make Themselves

Children love to get involved in food prep and cooking, and there are plenty of meals kids can make themselves. They can help with pretty much anything, but there are certain activities they particularly enjoy, and others that encourage learning. Whatever the new skill, they will feel empowered by the independence of making their own food, so go on… … Read more

do identical twins have the same DNA

Do Identical Twins Have the Same DNA?

Identical twins are broadly described as having the same DNA. They are naturally occurring clones, created from a single fertilized egg which splits to create two copies. In truth, identical twin genetics is more complicated, because nature has its imperfections. This article delves into the details, exploring the true answer to “Do identical twins have … Read more

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Wooden Designs You’ll Love

We are all familiar with hand crafted wooden side tables and the perfect mahogany chair. However, the world of carpentry shows no boundaries, and there are all sorts of others things out there made of our favorite natural material. I’m picking a few home and fashion designs I know you’re going to love…  **This post is sponsored … Read more

how to baby-proof the house

How to Baby-Proof The House (And The Baby)

It’s official… the Twins walked. A few steps counts, doesn’t it? We have been waiting for this day for months – they’ve kept us hanging, but they both broke the seal on the same day at 15months. Although the excitement of those first few steps in huge, it’s closely followed by panic, because when babies … Read more