Wooden Designs You’ll Love

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We are all familiar with hand crafted wooden side tables and the perfect mahogany chair. However, the world of carpentry shows no boundaries, and there are all sorts of others things out there made of our favorite natural material. I’m picking a few home and fashion designs I know you’re going to love… 

wooden designs cool watch

**This post is sponsored by Jord Wooden Watches**


Art Couture Collectives Bath Tub

If you have a spare $36,000 to spend on a bath tub… check out this beauty from Art Couture Collectives. I have no idea how you care or clean such a beast, but it’s definitely going to give your bathroom the wow factor. 

Modern Soaking Walk-in Handcrafted Wood Bathtub
Image source: Houzz.com 


Ryosuke Fukusada Light Bulb

These wooded light bulbs by artist Ryosuke Fukusada are a labor of love. The bulbs are carefully hand turned to a thickness of 2-3mm, allowing light to pass through for a warm glow. Unfortunately this was a limited edition project, so you may have trouble getting your hands on one!

Image source: ryosukefukusada.com
Wooden Sake Pourer

I appreciate compared to a wooden like bulb, a jug might not be quite so groundbreaking, but I had to feature these sake pourers from artist Kota Fukunaga, purely because I love them! Hand turned in Birch, the exposed bark base give these pourers a fabulous natural finish that reminds me of a Japanese landscape painting. If you need a set in your life, they are available at Mjolk.

birch sake jugs
Image source: mjolk.ca


Tesler Mendelovich Purse

Tesler Mendelovich create wooden textiles by scoring thin veneer into a folding, bending fabric. There’s purses are quite the spectacular piece of design, and come in a multitude of veneers. Check out the ebony purse too!

wooden clutch bag
Image source: psfk.com
SH Wood Sunglasses

There are a few wooden sunglasses on the market, but I particularly like the ‘Canby’ deisgn from SH Wood. They have a range of finishes to pick from; these beauties are Zebrawood.

canby wooden sunglasses
Image source: shwoodshop.com


Jord Watches

Jord don’t just make one cool watch from wood… all their watches are made of wood! It’s their thang… so when I was offered a chance to review one in the flesh, I was pretty excited. My husband is pleased with himself too, because we’re test running a men’s watch. Our particular model is made of Koa, a Hawaiian tree species, warm in color and sustainably sourced. Husband / Twin-Pickle-Hand-Model for the day, made these complimentary points about the ‘Frankie’:

  • We live in Arizona, and it’s HOT. He finds a metal link strap gets sweaty and… yep, smelly. It’s pretty gross, but it’s true. Wood on the other hand, being a natural material, will breathe and be more comfortable in the summer heat.
  • We were both impressed that despite the sensible price tag, the Jord watch face is finished with Sapphire Crystal, and the overall build and quality is great.
  • We love the packaging, and it’s not just for show. Jord watches are built to last, and come in a case made of… wood obviously. More than that, the case includes a humidity draw to keep the wood in the perfect conditions. It reminds me of some kind of mini cedar closet for your watch.

jord mens cool watch

jord cool watch car 02


The Jord website is lovely to browse, and they’ll adjust to your measurements for a small fee. The watch we have been testing out is called Frankie, finished in Koa and Ash, I’m hoping you like it as much as we do! And don’t worry ladies… if you’re in the market for a cool watch for yourself, they’ve got you covered too. 


jord cool watch box



I hope you’re feeling inspired by these unique wooden designs for the home and your wardrobe!




**This post is sponsored by Jord Wooden Watches**

Luxury Wooden Watch

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  1. This is the cleverest Jord review I’ve read yet. I have to say, the thought of sitting in a wooden bathtub sounds amazing. But I bet it grows mould like crazy! I can’t even keep my plasticky bath in good nick. Thanks for linking up to #eatsleepblogrt. Hope you come back next week.

    • Love this #EatSleepBlogRT linky so glad you’ve taken it on 🙂 I agree about the bath… not sure my cleaning skills are up to the challenge ?

  2. #eatsleepblogRT ohhh i love the watch – how incredible? plus i reckon the bath would feel pretty indulgent. Don’t pick me though – i don’t wear watches and that beauty would be lost of me.
    Wooden objects seem to have a fluidity to them, don’t you think? just gorgeous.

  3. This is crazy cool! I had no idea some of these things could be made from wood. For the purse and sunglasses, I wonder if they are heavier than normal?

    • I have no idea how heavy the wood fabric is… you’ve got me wondering now! One more reason for me to go get one of the purses ? Any excuse to shop! Haha


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