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Mini Muffin Pan Bite Size Snacks

Mini Muffin Pan Bite Size Snacks & Appetizers

Lunch boxes, toddler finger food, snacks on the go or party appetizers… mini muffin pans are the perfect size for all of the above! You can scale down nearly any sweet or savory delight, but today I’m showcasing three family-friendly recipes for mini muffin pan bite size snacks. Load the fridge with ready to go finger … Read more

Finding Time for your Older Child Image

Finding Time for Your Older Child

My daughter has had quite the shock to the system. Not only did she have six years to get used to being an only child, when she did finally get a sibling, she got two at the same time. Understandably, by the time the Twins turned one she was feeling pretty put out. Two newborns … Read more

Keeping Twin Toddlers Safe in Open Spaces

I have never been one for staying indoors… until I had twins. Leaving the house solo with twins has its challenges, the most basic of trips can become difficult when you have two toddlers in tow. The very idea of it is enough to keep many twin moms from leaving the house at all. Sharing is … Read more

Feng Shui Decor

How to Feng Shui Your Kid’s Room

Feng Shui can improve sleep quality and relationships within the home. The idea of energy circulating your home may seem a little wacky, but many people would agree that particular shapes and colors do affect mood and behavior, and I consider Feng Shui as a way to pinpoint what will work in your home with … Read more

three kids out of the house on time

How to Get Three Kids out of the House on Time

I’ve been away… hooray! I actually spent an entire weekend on my own for a friends wedding… three nights to be exact. It’s a rather strange sensation when you’re normally the center of a small-person tornado, but a very welcomed break all the same. First day back in the saddle and I managed to break … Read more