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Adventure Theme Twin Boys Room

Adventure Theme Twin Boys Bedroom

The twins have just turned two and it’s time for them to graduate to big boy beds! I’ve been thinking (and writing) about it for long enough, and finally today I’m able to show you their adventure theme twin boys bedroom. Arthur and George love adventure… wild animals, cars, trains, dinosaurs, forests and they can’t … Read more

three stages of minimalism

Three Stages of Minimalism

It’s been a while since the last update on my minimalist journey, so I thought I’d share what’s been happening in the decluttering department. I’ve come to realize there are three stages of minimalism, and there’s little point in working on one stage without the others. I had a look through a box that made … Read more

Do Twins Need One-on-One Time with Mom?

Every mother of multiples has taken multi-tasking to a whole other level. We do our best to give our children undivided attention, but often it feels like striving for the impossible. The attention babies naturally crave from their mother has to be shared with their sibling, and this can be most difficult for Mom herself. … Read more

Unicorn Bedrooms Your Child Will Fall in Love With

It feels like the world has gone crazy for unicorns in 2017, and who can blame us? Magical, colorful, sparkles and whimsy… everything one would look for in a frappucino. Today I’m bringing you some design inspiration with the best unicorn bedrooms I can find. This may be the prettiest post ever? Seven-year-old Elsie would certainly … Read more

DIY floating hexagon shelves featured

DIY Floating Hexagon Shelves

Geometric shapes have been trending interior design for the past few years, but the hexagon is the shape of 2017. Hexagon tiling, honeycomb wallpaper, and hexagon shelving are all bang on trend and I’m loving the look. Today I’m showing you how to make your own DIY floating hexagon shelves, it’s simple, affordable and you … Read more