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Transitioning to special education preschool

A Year of Speech Therapy: Transitioning to Special Education Preschool

Our first week of special education preschool has been a total hit! The Twins are about to turn 3yrs old and it’s been 18months since we started our speech therapy journey. We’ve learned a...
Separated the twins at school

The Day I Chose to Separate the Twins

To separate or not to separate? That is the question. Twins are bonded together from birth in a way non-twin folk will never understand. I am not a twin and I like my independence…...

Encouraging Toddlers to Make Sentences with Their Words

As parents, we can’t wait to hear those first words, it’s one of our most anticipated developmental milestones. But once your toddler has a bank of vocabulary under their belt, the next step is...
how tot challenge and empower toddlers to talk cards

How to Challenge & Empower Toddlers to Talk

I’m back with an update on the Twins’ speech and language therapy and sharing some activities to help challenge and empower toddlers to talk more… there’s even some freebie printable flashcards! I have tried...
do twins talk to each other in a secret language

Do Twins Talk to Each Other in a Secret Language?

Those that follow the blog will know our twin boys have been in speech therapy through the Early Intervention Program for the past three months. When strangers meet the boys for the first time...
Twin Pickle