The twins have just turned two and it’s time for them to graduate to big boy beds! I’ve been thinking (and writing) about it for long enough, and finally today I’m able to show you their adventure theme twin boys bedroom. Arthur and George love adventure… wild animals, cars, trains, dinosaurs, forests and they can’t get enough of Dora’s exploring either. I threw these ideas into the mix with my love for a bit of Scandi and mid-century style design and this is what I came up with…

Adventure Theme Twin Boys Bedroom Pin

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There is a little laziness involved in this design because the room used to be a home office and was fairly recently painted white with a grey feature wall. I decided to work with what I had because the paint was in good condition and why fix what’s not broken, right? I’ve had my eye on their awesome playmat for so long, so the rest of the design was fitted around it. 

I spent far too long to-ing and fro-ing between building a custom bed, buying bunks or sticking with simple twin beds. The latter won because I honestly couldn’t build them myself cheaper, and I failed to find a good quality affordable bunk set that will unstack for use while they are little. It came down to practicality and cost, and then I found these perfect low platform beds and the decision was made!

adventure theme twin boys bedroom bed

The transition to big beds has been amazing! I am blown away by how well the Twins have done, such good boys, Mommy is very proud. They don’t have bed guards… yes they fell out the first three nights but the beds are nice and low and we put their old crib mattresses on the floor for them to land on. It doesn’t take long for kids to learn how to stay on the bed!

We also installed a Nest security camera which syncs with our phone app (we have the thermostats too), so we can check in on them and see if they’re still in bed. Here’s a screenshot from my phone:

adventure theme twin boys bedroom nest camera

The Closet

You can see their IKEA Kallax hack closet in this shot too, it’s been up and running for a few months now and is working perfectly for my boys. I’m still loving the mural too which brings some fun color to a grey room. For more details on the mural and closet check out my DIY kids closet tutorial post.

adventure theme twin boys bedroom closet

The Hexagon Shelves

About a month ago I posted a tutorial for these DIY floating hexagon shelves. I decided to not 100% float them and fixed with angle brackets instead… I just don’t trust the boys not to knock them off the wall. They are very pleased with they dinos sat inside the shelves with plants giving it a jungle vibe…

adventure theme twin boys bedroom dino shelves

Adventure Theme Twin Boys Bedroom Decor:

Some of the decor is homemade and other pieces are store bought. The framed pictures above their beds were made by Arthur’s God Father; they are name collages made with Salvador Dali prints. Their God Father Max said they need some boobs in their room so both pictures feature tastefully artistic naked ladies… whatever you might think about the subject matter, they are beautifully made and we love them.

Here’s a list of all the bits and pieces in case you’re interested in your ownadventure theme twin boys bedroom. I really struggled to find two of the gorgeous Target quilts, and they have been out of stock online for a while. I’m afraid they may be discontinuing them but I’ve added the link just in case…



adventure theme twin boys bedroom ladder

We’re really pleased with the finished result and the boys have had lots of fun exploring their new room.  It’s quite grown up for little two-year-olds so it should last them for some time. I’d love to upgrade the lighting at some point because our whole upstairs is fitted with 80s track lighting, yuk. I also need to persuade the Boys that sleeping under the covers is nice and cosy. At the moment they insist on sleeping on top!

Adventure Theme Twin Boys Bedroom PlayMatThe Mattresses

It’s worth me talking about the mattresses for a moment because although you can’t see them in the pretty pictures they are the most important thing we bought. I spent a lot of time researching mattresses because I didn’t want springs with all the jumping around toddlers do, and foam can cause problems with temperature. We live in the Arizona desert and temperature control is everything, so I was specifically looking for a high quality, comfortable, breathable foam mattress. Nolah Twin Mattress

Online mattress companies are huge right now because they make a huge saving by not having showrooms, and these savings get passed onto the buyer. We are blown away by the quality of the boys’ Nolah Sleep Mattresses, and they are risk free because you get 120days to return it. We intend to replace Big Sister’s mattress with another Nolah because her sprung mattress has aged horribly and she currently makes do with an egg crate topper.

Final Words on Our Transition to Big Beds!

I think I’ve covered everything in our adventure theme twin boys bedroom! We feel a wave of relief to have it all done, I’ve been worried about the transition for a while but I’m so glad we’ve taken the plunge. I was expecting to need a baby gate at the door or to install a toddler-proof doorknob, but we’ve only had one escape so far without any special measures, and following a short stern “No, it’s nap time.” they returned to bed and slept like troopers. Fingers crossed we can keep it up!


  1. I live in Denmark and don’t get a Scandi vibe from the room, but I can see the MCM influence for sure. I love the colors, and especially the mural. You did a wonderful job creating a room that will easily scale as your boys get older and their interests evolve.

    • I love that you’re in Denmark! I think when I started out I had a Scandi vibe in my mind (with the road map rug and the monochrome bedding). But it kind of progressed from there, lol, and it’s a bit more eclectic now! I’m so glad you like it 🙂

  2. My triplet boys share a room. Their room is car themed. We are thinking of redoing it soon so that they have more personal space. I’m not sure yet, though!

    • Wow, triplets, that is a busy room! As they get older I suppose its more difficult to cater to all because they may be into different things. Cars is fun though, my boys would love that too. Good luck with your room!

    • Thanks! They are really happy with it. They’ve enjoyed swapping which dinosaurs feature in their hexagons and which get to stomp around the room 🙂


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