Unique Playhouses You’ll Want to Build Right Now

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There is something special about pint sized homes, a little scaled down house your kids can call their own. All three of my kids love role play toys such as doctors kits or play kitchens, and playhouses create the perfect setting for their story. The easy option is to pop up a teepee or tent, but nothing beats a hand built playhouse. Get your DIY on and check out these gorgeous unique playhouses for the perfect family project… 

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Role play or ‘dramatic play’ is important to early childhood development:

While this type of play may be viewed as frivolous by some, it remains an integral part of the developmental learning process by allowing children to develop skills in such areas as abstract thinking, literacy, math, and social studies, in a timely, natural manner. (E.Cecchini, Early Childhood News)

Of course you don’t have to build anything elaborate for your children to do this, but I love to dream and browse creative ideas for the home, so I’m picking my fave unique playhouses to show off for inspiration.

unique playhouses to dream about

No ultimate playroom is complete without a fort, tent or dream playhouse. Picking the perfect spot for your built-in can make all the difference, so I’m looking at the best sweet spots and picking the best designs to wow your kiddos…

Under the stairs:

My favourite spot for a built in playhouse has got to be under the stairs. The perfect little child sized cubby, ready for a little installation of fun. Unfortunately for us, our under stair spot is already taken by the cat… yes our cat has it’s own room because otherwise the dog eats all the cat food and the contents of the kitty litter. For those of you without a cat… check out these awesome under stair playhouses:


At the Top of the Stairs:

Often found on those third floor attic spaces, that awkward space at the top of the stairs can be put to good use. Unique playhouses don’t have to have that typical cottage feel either, this contemporary playhouse is loads of fun and fits in with the style of the home…


IN the closet:

I’m guessing this is a former closet space but I can’t be sure. I love the cladding and neutral colors, it’s playful without being gawdy, super pretty! 

Corner of the room:

We’re heading towards major construction here… a two story cottage about the same size as my first home in the UK. Still, I know my kids would have hours of fun in a space like this!

Back of the Room:

Bringing the back wall into the room to create your playhouse could be the perfect answer. I find it a little less intrusive than the corner option and it makes a fun decorative feature to the wall.

Don’t forget the interior:

I had to include this gorgeous interior… can I move in?

If in Doubt… build a Mini Replica:

In case you have a big budget or some major carpentry skills, I thought I’d feature this beautiful replica playhouse. This is what the main house looks like… only a lot bigger. Just wow!

And lastly, I couldn’t resist this kid’s cottage at Dallas Arboretum. Fairytale stuff indeed:
I hope you’re feeling inspired to build the kids something awesome… no pressure!

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