10 Awesomely Creative Ceiling Ideas for Kids’ Rooms

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Playing around with your ceiling is not for the faint-hearted, but if there’s one place you can get a bit wacky, it’s in your kid’s room. Creative ceiling ideas not only give the room a bold feature, they also give those littles something to look at while they’re in bed… you never know, you may even get a lie in!

I’ve been browsing interior designer’s portfolios to pick out my favorite creative ceiling ideas to jazz up your kid’s room. These guys know their stuff and I’m continually blown away with the talent out there. Whether you’re looking for how to work with a simple splash of color, or you want inspiration for an epic ceiling mural, I hope you can find some inspiration here from these awesome designs.

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I’m going to get straight to the action today, but if you’re looking for some inspiration for the wall don’t forget to check out my post on DIY murals for kids rooms!

10 Awesomely Creative Ceiling Ideas for Kids Rooms

SOme of these creative ceiling ideas are totally achievable for DIY projects, others you may want to talk to a professional about. Either way, I hope this selection gets your creative taste buds bubbling…

Star Gazer


Stars on the ceiling is a classic, but if you want to steer away from those glow in the dark stickers, try a navy mural! I’ve seen this style work with a nautical, star wars, and travel theme. After all, everyone loves stars!

The Explorer


This has got to be my favorite.  Red Egg Design Group, are local to me in Scottsdale and have done a fantastic job on this ceiling. It reminds me of hot air balloons, the circus, and just all around fun.

Pop of Color


It was difficult to pick one room to feature for that single pop of color. But if you’re going to go bold, it doesn’t get much bolder than this intense pink. I absolutely love how it works with the white walls and the matching bedding.

Watercolor Marble


This may not be a DIY option unless you have a strong arm and some serious artistic skill. Still, I think it’s beautiful, and if you can find an artist up to the task or a clever wallpaper, it could be the perfect creative ceiling idea.

Fairytale Clouds


Clouds is another classic ceiling mural, and I love the subtlety and soft fairytale feel this ceiling has. Very pretty indeed.

Abstract Stars


We’re back to stars, but with a more abstract, wallpaper/print feel. Monochrome star prints are hugely fashionable at the moment and these pale silver stars against the white ceiling look bang on trend.



I’m absolutely mad for this nursery, the color palette and eclectic style from Karen Wolf Interiors are gorgeous, and I wish I knew where they got that awesome monochrome wallpaper!

Subtle Wallpaper print


A feature ceiling doesn’t have to be wacky, this more subtle wallpaper design is super cool, and a creative way to jazz up a simple white room.

Draped Fabric


From subtle to dramatic, this draped fabric ceiling really is making a statement. It’s beautifully done, but similarly to the marble watercolor mural above, you may need professional help!

Big Bold Mural


Go big or go home… this giant flower is great fun and I love how it folds down the wall. It has a ‘honey I shrunk the kids‘ feel, and I’m sure my daughter Elsie would approve!

So there we have it, ten of my favorite creative ceiling ideas for kids’ rooms. I’m not sure I’m feeling brave enough this end, but if any of you guys go for it I’d love to see a picture… email me!

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