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postpartum anxiety after twins

Postpartum Anxiety after Twins

I had never heard of postpartum anxiety until a friend of mine told me she was going to a counseling group after her second child. “Is that the same as postpartum depression?” I asked; but in fact, these two conditions are symptomatically very different. Both are common problems, but studies have shown postpartum anxiety to be … Read more

personalized kids room decor bunting clouds

Personalized Kids Room Decor: 23 Awesome Etsy Designs

When it comes to personalized hand crafted products, you just can’t beat Etsy. Personalized kids room decor makes the perfect gift for new babies and birthdays… I have received a few gifts for my kids from Etsy shops in the past and they have always been adorable. So, in case you’re looking to decorate your kid’s … Read more

kids that won't clean up FI

Kids that Won’t Clean Up: The Magic Toy Library

Last year I told you all about my daughter (then six) and her fantastic talent for what we call ‘Poopcrastination‘. Since then, not only her allergy to tidying become worse, her baby brothers have become mobile and impressively destructive. Yep, my name is Mom… and I have three kids that won’t clean up. After a … Read more

Reflecting on My Twin Infant Feeding Choices

This post is Sponsored by Happy Family Brands, but the content and opinions expressed are my own. I’m often in awe when I see a Mom in the park, cafe, library (pretty much anywhere) breastfeeding. They have this wondrous way of whipping the baby under their nifty top and popping he/she on the nipple without … Read more