How to Declutter & Organize Your Playroom

How’s your playroom looking since Christmas threw up on it? With the Twins birthday in November, by January we’re busting ...
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How to Focus Your Closet Design like a Professional

Thank you California Closets for sponsoring this post. Your closet is a hard-working corner of your home. But a jumble of ...
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Why the Junk Drawer Is My Decluttering Nemesis

A journey towards minimalism is inevitably going to have setbacks, but the kitchen junk drawer is my decluttering nemesis. Every ...
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5 Simple Ways to Motivate Your Minimalism

Last year I began an awesome decluttering journey in a slow move towards minimalism. I have a family to consider so ...
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Recovering from the Inevitable Holiday Clutter

Happy New Year! I, like many, have woken up this morning with a fresh wave of optimism and energy for ...
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Tips to Declutter and Organize: My Minimalist Progress

My mission for a simpler life continues, and I’ve been looking to the experts for more tips to declutter and ...
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