How to Declutter & Organize Your Playroom

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How’s your playroom looking since Christmas threw up on it? With the Twins birthday in November, by January we’re busting at the seams with mess and I’m ready for some serious decluttering.

While I’d love to scoop everything into a bin bag and be done with it, my kids may have something to say about it. So I’m stepping back to consider what’s important and how to organize things efficiently. A playroom does not need to be a jumble of junk, it can be a stylish space in your home for all to enjoy.

How to Declutter & Organize Your Playroom Design & Storage

It’s a New Year and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed taking some time out for the Family over the Holidays. I even took a break from the blog, something I haven’t done since I started writing in 2016! But today I’m breaking the New Year seal with a topic which I’ve shamefully brushed under the table for the past few months… decluttering.

When You Fall off the Decluttering Bandwagon

It happens to the best of us. Everything is going smoothly and you’re enjoying riding the decluttering high… then life gets busy and before you know it you’re hoarding like you never have before. That’s where I’m at and I’m ready to take action. The playroom is getting the Royal Marie Kondo treatment.

Decluttering and Organizing Your Home

How to Declutter Your Playroom

Essentially, your objective in decluttering the playroom is to remove excess toys that are no longer played with. However, if you want it to remain organized and decluttered you’re going to have to take it further.

I watched a YouTube video a while back that was the stuff of decluttering nightmares… a Dad using a snow shovel to scoop up a jumble of toys and pour them into an open toy box. Noooo…. just don’t do it. If the kids can’t find the toys they are looking for, the entire jumbled box is going to hit the floor. Every single day.

Organization is everything. Make life easier for the kids and yourself by making some rules and being clever with your storage.

5 Rules to Declutter Your Playroom

Toys come in, toys go out. Everytime your kids have a birthday or gifting holiday, remove some toys from the playroom. Make space for them to enjoy their new toys.

Keep toys with lots of tiny pieces in sealed boxes. If there is one thing the ‘Magic Toy Library‘ has taught me, it’s that Shopkins collectibles and Lego should never meet.

Are they independent toys or do they need help? Keep some toys easily accessible and some up high or in a locked cupboard. Playdoh, crafting and art supplies, for example need supervision. If you leave them accessible it often leads to mess and frustration.

How to Organize Your Playroom

Everything needs a place. One of Marie Kondo’s core rules… if it doesn’t have a place it quickly becomes clutter. When decluttering toys be ruthless on random pieces that don’t fit with your organizing. It is easy for the dress up box to get invaded by random stuff like yo-yos and Happy Meal toys.

How many toys are they actually using? Some toys like Lego span a wide age range and can last for years. Others, not so much. Its OK to find a new home for toys if they’re not being used. If you’re doubting yourself, pack them up for a month and see if anyone asks after them. If they’re not missed, get rid!

Function Leading Style

My primary motivation for learning about minimalism has always been time. I do not want to spend all my time tidying. I can assure you, the less ‘stuff’ you have the easier your home is to keep tidy.

The minimalist mindset also shapes your own personal aesthetic. By prioritizing the items that are truly important, you’ll find your style begin to take shape.

I’ve often shared photos of my favorite designer playrooms here on the blog, and there are a number of design elements you can use to focus your decluttering and enhance your home decor style.

5 Design ‘Tricks’ to help Focus Your Playroom Decluttering

When it comes to a practical, busy space like a playroom, it can be difficult to know how to bring style, color and organization. Check out these awesome playroom designs and take note of how they are organizing to create style:

Playroom Zoning

Whether your playroom is big or small, you can still zone it to make the most of the space. Carefully considering where your little one may like to read, build Lego and dig through the dress up box will help you understand what you have and what is disposable. Even if it’s one shelf for books, one shelf for soft toys, and one for buildables… you’ll soon find out what you have too much of.

Check out my own reading nook makeover project here.

A Mix of Open and Closed Storage

Keep some toys tucked away and some on display. This playroom does a great job of making a feature of the open shelving with the blue painted wall behind. By not overfilling the open shelves there is an instant air of calm and organization. Keep the densely packed boxes for closed cupboards!

Combine Neutrals with Fun Accents

It can be difficult to declutter when your playroom looks like a discount Disney Store. Your kids really won’t mind if you keep it neutral and just add splashes of color with rugs, cushions and wall decor. Toys themselves are colorful and create great decor.

Cluster Your Storage

Evenly spacing your toy storage around the perimeter of the room can cause visual chaos and disorganization. You’re much better off organizing your toys into multiple units side by side. This also helps understand the volume of ‘stuff’ in your playroom and improve the chances of successful decluttering.

Feature Wall

I love a feature wall, and the playroom is the perfect place for one. A chalkboard wall or some fun wallpaper on one wall will help focus the eye and create a way to organize your storage and seating. Whether you choose to cluster your storage on the feature wall or keep it open for some cozy floor cushions, you’ll be making conscious design decisions which will help you organize and declutter.

Do you have a system in place for organizing your playroom? Setting out some basic rules in your decluttering will improve your chances of success. Remove the junk and inject your playroom with some stylish design. And in case you missed it, check out my guide to creating The Ultimate Playroom.

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