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Home decor ideas for the family home. With a focus on playrooms & kids rooms, I share DIY projects, my fave decor pieces & inspiration from top designers.

How to Create the Ultimate Playroom Home Decor Kids Room

How to Create the Ultimate Playroom

If your little ones are lucky enough to have a playroom (or a designated space for toys and activities) there are three key factors you will want to take into account: toy storage, activity...
jord cool watch box

Wooden Designs You’ll Love

We are all familiar with hand crafted wooden side tables and the perfect mahogany chair. However, the world of carpentry shows no boundaries, and there are all sorts of others things out there made of our...
colorful bathrooms

Colorful Bathrooms: How to Go Bold Without Going Overboard

Dream bathrooms do not have to be white. There are plenty of beautiful, colorful bathrooms out there to inspire us to look beyond white, gray, and natural stone tones. You don’t have to go...
DIY murals for kids rooms featured

DIY Murals for Kids Rooms That Do Not Require a Fine Art Degree

Last week I started designing the Twins big boy room, and shared my options for beds in shared rooms. This week, I’m taking things a step further and thinking about the walls. I would love...
Beds in Shared Kids Rooms

Beds in Shared Rooms: What are my Options?

As soon as the Twins start climbing out of their cribs, it’s time to move to proper beds. This is sure to happen earlier than it did with their sister, afterall, the temptation of...
hygge home decor fi

Hygge Home Decor: Comfort for all Seasons

You may have heard of the Hygge home decor trend that is sweeping the globe, after it burst it’s borders of origin in Denmark. Although Hygge loosely translates as ‘coziness’, there is much more to...
extraordinary plates

Extraordinary Plates for People with Personality

This was to be a interior design post all about the different things you can hang on your walls. I was going to start with plates, but I got totally carried away, and I’m...
home design trends whats hot and whats not 2017 featured

Home Design Trends 2017: What’s Hot & What’s Not

In lieu of a nap time makeover this week, I’m getting some inspiration for home design trends 2017. What colors should you be looking towards to keep ahead of the trendy folk? What materials should we...
ideas for laundry rooms

Ideas for Laundry Rooms: Naptime Makeover

It’s not sexy and exciting, but most of us have one. It’s easy to ignore, but you’re probably spending more time in the laundry room than you would like. When was the last time you...
DIY coffee cup hanging planter

DIY Coffee Cup Hanging Planter

In my post ‘Hanging House Plant Ideas‘ I explore a number of options for creating impressive plant installations, out of the reach of little ones and somehow suspended from the wall or ceiling. Through these...
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