Home Design Trends 2017: What’s Hot & What’s Not

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In lieu of a nap time makeover this week, I’m getting some inspiration for home design trends 2017. What colors should you be looking towards to keep ahead of the trendy folk? What materials should we be considering for fixtures and fittings, and what’s the all round vibe for the year?

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Following my New Year Resolutions, we will be looking at what’s hot and what’s not on a sliding scale, so keep up, it’ll get cold fast…

Home Design Trends 2017: What’s Hot & What’s Not

140°F Jewel Tones

Hooray for some new color in our lives. Forest greens, deep magenta… it’s all rather decadent with a little feel for the Moulin Rouge. I think it’s great, decor trends have been rather masculine or country twee for a while. It’s time to get sexy…



131°F Black Framed Glass

Whether it be an internal partition, an entry door or a shower cubicle, black framed glass is the way to go according to design trends 2017. I personally don’t want a big glassy door at the entrance of my home because it feels a little voyeuristic, but once in the house, it’s all fair game, love it.


124°F Dark Blue Kitchen Cabinets

It seems navy and blue/grey accents have become so popular these days people have started to paint their kitchen cabinets. I absolutely love this look, and you can just stick with the island if you feel painting the whole kitchen is too much.


105°F Cosiness & Texture

Chunky knit throws, velvet, reading nooks and layering. Is this a response to what many consider a rather bleak 2016? Who knows; but it seems we’re feeling the need for warmth and comfort in our lives. Whether these home design trends 2017 will last the summer is still to be seen… We don’t really do chunky knits in Arizona. 


94°F Hexagon not Subway

Maybe you’re considering those gorgeous traditional hexagon mosaics you see in HGTV shows like ‘Rehab Addict’? But before you dive in, also consider something a little more daring, like these fantastic large hex tiles… so much more on trend!


Other popular tile trends of 2017 include herringbone arrangement, patterned tiles and pretty much anything a little extraordinary. Step away from the subway tile though, it’s time is finally over.

89°F Mixed Patterns

According to Elle Decor,  because mixed patterns were big in New Year Fashion week, they are soon to hit our homes. Get busy with and stop matching your patterns… gotta love a little eclectic style!



70°F Edison Bulbs

“I’ve been over them for a while now, but I’m ready for them to die… Too many Brooklyn bars got really into the trend, and their ubiquity got stale really fast.” Says Orlando Soria, creative director at Homepolish. (Source: mydomaine.com)

Say it like it is Orlando, straight for the kill on the Edison bulbs. I do totally agree that they’ve been overdone but I’m not ready to take down my Edison Bulbs just yet.



58°F Rose Gold

domain.com‘s “experts almost unanimously agree that copper and rose gold will be out by 2017”

We do it to ourselves… like the subway tile and the Edison bulbs, it’s just been overdone. And cheap imitation copper products swarming low budget stores has ruined the luxury feel of it. Quantity too, a hint of rose gold is good… a hint. But that doesn’t mean every metal trim and vase in your home has to match. Apparently bronze is the new metal of choice, and like patterns, you’ve been given a trend pass to mix metals. 

40°F White on White

Thank goodness, people with kids can catch a break. The minimalist, Scandinavian white style has been hanging tight for some time now and grey was the color of choice for most in 2016. But we feel a need for color again, and walls are swinging towards warmer shades of taupe and ‘greige’. As for those that are looking for something more bold, mustard and avocado are back with a vengeance…



32°F Macramé

Apologies to boho Pinterest folk everywhere, but the trend is passing… step away from your rope and give your fingers a rest. But do not fret my hippy friends, instead pop out and get yourself some artisan woven baskets. I’m personally excited for this 2017 trend because Arizona is busting with them and they bring texture and character to the home just like macramé did.


What’s hot and not in your decor plans for 2017? Are any of these home design trends 2017 floating your boat? Let me know what you think?


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    • We could always turn the aircon down to Artic temps and get cosy under some chunky blankets but I think that may be frowned upon in terms of the environment ?

  1. Love the concept of this post. I still the rose gold look but then I’ve never cared much for whats on trend. My living room has been out of style for about 5 years, if you wait long enough it comes back in anyway ha! #sharingthebloglove

    • Haha! Mine loves video games but we haven’t broken into Minecraft yet. She does love a bit of home makeover show though 🙂

  2. Oh, I love that deep magenta Alexander and James sofa. Sexy is an accurate description, for sure. I also love the coziness and texture though I don’t really have much in my own home, but maybe I like it because it is winter and freezing and I just want to cuddle all day long?

  3. Lovely, I recently came across the black framed glass on Pinterest and fell in love as we’re planning on renovating our kitchen/ family space and this is such a stylish way to provide privacy if guests stay. Love the other ideas too, glad to see my hippy baskets make the cut! Yvadney x #Brillblogposts

  4. Very interesting and attractive stuff. I loved your post especially the 140°F Jewel Tones. I gives a unique look to the wall. You can also go for cotton tapestries for wall hanging, bedspreads or any other indoor use. Thanks for sharing.


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