Kids Halloween Hanging Wall Art Craft

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A simple wall hanging is easy to make and a great way to display kids’ crafts. With a free downloadable template, this Halloween hanging wall art is perfect for a party activity or to build excitement for the upcoming Holiday. And if your kid is bringing home lots of little crafts from school, this is a beautiful way to make the most of them!


With a week to go until Halloween, I wanted to put something together for the kids could enjoy while also decorating the house. We moved to new home this summer and I’ve been trying to give the kids every chance to make it their own. This simple Halloween craft was fun to do and makes a fabulous addition to our hallway!

Having Fun with Painting at Halloween

Although you can add just about any craft to your Halloween wall hanging, my kids will always choose painting given the choice! Painting is fabulous for developing fine motor skills and feels like more of a treat than using a crayon. We usually paint with watercolors because it’s less messy, but today we went all out with the poster paint!

Child painting for Halloween crafts

Materials for Halloween Crafting

You may have some of these materials at home already. Although I used a hot glue gun to attach the kids’ crafts to the wall hanging, you could easily use tape if the crafts are not too heavy. I drew my own shapes but have uploaded them as a template for you to download if it’s useful. If you cut them out you can fit two of each onto Letter sized card. I bought a 3ft’ piece of dowel in Walmart and cut it in half with a hacksaw, easy peasy.


Craft Supplies Needed:

  • Free printable Halloween template
  • 6 x Letter sized pieces of colored card (I used 2 of each color)
  • Craft knife or scissors
  • Poster paint and brushes
  • Googly eyes and glue
  • 3ft wooden dowel and hacksaw
  • Black yarn
  • Hot glue gun or tape

Halloween Hanging Wall Art Method

  1. Print and cut out the Halloween template. Use the template as a stencil for the colored card.
  2. Cut out the shapes using a craft knife (or scissors).
  3. Decorate the shapes using paint, googly eyes or anything else you enjoy!
  4. Cut the 3ft dowel in half using the hacksaw and paint black.
  5. Tie the black yard to the dowel to create a top and bottom ‘bar’ with three vertical and equal lengths of yarn. Tie an additional length of yarn to the top bar for hanging.
  6. Using a hot glue gun (or tape) to stick your Halloween kids’ crafts to your hanging wall frame.
  7. Hang and enjoy!

I love how the Halloween hanging wall craft turned out. I’m definitely going to make another one for Christmas! If you’re a fan of displaying your kids’ artwork creatively, do check out my post ‘How to Display Kids’ Artwork without a Refridgerator‘. It’s full of creative ideas for how to show off your littles’ hard work!

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