How to Display Kids Artwork Without A Refrigerator

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If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of misplacing your refrigerator, your first concern may be: “What do I do with the kids’ paintings now?”. Fear not, there are alternatives, and I am here to share twelve clever ways to display kids artwork. 

I am ruthless with the accidental disposal of my three childrens’ creations, yet I still have piles of my favorites and never know what to do with them. Today, the kitchen was given a small intervention, which literally took 10 minutes and cost $12 so I’m feeling pretty pleased with myself. I’m going to need a few more gallery spots to keep everyone happy, so I’m still in the market for one of these awesome ideas.

12 Clever Ways to Display Kids Artwork

Hanging on wire

I have been meaning to try this for ages. I love the flexibility of being able to hang three-dimensional items, it looks modern and it would compliment my hanging coffee cup planter perfectly! However, it does look a bit fiddly and I’ve got to admit I haven’t found the time. If I take the plunge I’ll let you know how it goes…


Dreamcatcher pegs

This feature wall is adorable. I believe it is made with embroidery hoops and ribbon, with wooden pegs to fix the artwork to. I love that the frames themselves are artsy and I like how they allow for multiple pieces overlapping.


Framed art shelves

These guys have gone with traditional framing but have really made it pop with this bold blue backdrop. Sitting the frames on a picture rail makes them easy to access and move around when you switch out the artwork.



Here we are… my ten-minute intervention! I bought the clipboards from Target and they were $1.99 each, total bargain. I like the color of the raw chipboard and they makes switching up the artwork really easy. These particular frames even have a hanger on them for fixing straight to the wall.

clipboard kids art display

Feature wall and casual sticking

If you just want to stick straight to the wall, painting or framing a feature area can give the display a gallery look without any framing or hanging.


Clips on a Dado Rail

I love that this one is child height, although you may need to wait beyond the toddler stage to prevent too much grabbing and tearing. You can use crocodile clips, clipboard clips or pegs. A really simple and affordable display.


Magnet Boards

If you need something to do with the magnets from your missing refrigerator, magnet boards might be for you. You have the freedom to move around easily and you can enhance the display with some fun letter magnets.


Just Do It!

You don’t need a fancy display mechanism… sometimes keeping it simple works! This display is adorable with some seriously talented artists!


Pin Board

A classic pinboard is always going to work, but I love these pin board tiles for a modern look. 



If you want to keep a scramble of paintings tidy behind closed doors, a cabinet may be for you. This house looks very grown-up and tidy and I think it works perfectly for a rustic farmhouse aesthetic.


Empty Frames

I love this idea, and the empty frames make it really easy to change out the artwork. It has the formality of traditional frames with a quirky crafty feel.


Hanging Rail

If you’re worried about getting the first wire option tight enough (like I am), a curtain rail and hangers creates a similar industrial look. 


Colored Tape

I’m not sure we can all successfully pull off the messy tape look, but my sofa is starting to look a bit like this so it might be the best way to go.


If you have any other ideas to display kids artwork do get in touch! And I hope you find your refrigerator soon 😉

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  1. This is a great post! I loved my sons’ artwork when they were little, but I always felt guilty because I couldn’t stand anything cluttering up the refrigerator. I always tried to display them in other ways. Great ideas shared here! I found your blog via my comment about not getting any shoppertunities at Sofab. I have steady, consistent traffic too. I am looking for other companies to partner with if you have any recommendations.
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