22 Best Toys for 4yr-old Twins to Encourage Sharing

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Buying toys for twins has extra considerations. Are they going to fight? Do these toys promote sharing and playing together? Some toys are actually more fun when you have a partner! Here is my selection of the best toys for 4yr-old twin boys, although they would also work for girls, and just about any pre-schooler.


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Next month my boys turn four and then it’s the countdown to Christmas! I’ve bought a lot of toys this year, more than I usually do and I have lots of recommendations to make on toys we either have already or are considering for the holidays. My twin boys fight… a lot. Finding toys they can share and enjoy is crucial to my sanity as a mom. If you have any suggestions for the list let me know!

If your kids are younger check out my shortlist of toddler twin toys.

Board Games Perfect for 4yr-olds

My husband and I have always enjoyed board games and that’s why I haven’t been able to resist buying a few this year to play with the Twins. Some of these games require a little help from parents, others are simple to set up and play on their own. I have not included Mousetrap because honestly… if I have to set up the trap one more time I might scream. The Twins absolutely love the game, but for the sake of your mental health, I advise against buying it.

Pop Up Pirate

We discovered pop up pirate on our summer vacation to England. One of the pub hotels we stayed at had Pop Up Pirate at the table to entertain the kids. All three of my kids went mad for it and I confess I enjoyed it too. It’s easy to set up so 4yr-old twins will be able to play by themselves and enjoy.

ThinkFun Zingo Bingo

My daughter was given Zingo for her 6th birthday and really enjoyed it. Our copy doesn’t have the pictures on the yellow tiles, just the words and is designed to build sight words for kindergarten age. This picture edition would be more appropriate for younger kids and I know my boys would learn a lot from this at age 4.

Hungry Hungry Hippos

It’s a classic… Hungry Hungry Hippos will never go out of fashion. Although its a four-player game, the Twins love having two hippos each to munch at speed! It’s extremely simple to play and fun for all.

The Ladybug Game

I have not played The Ladybug Game myself but its Amazon reviews blew me away so I had to include it. It’s an award-winning game invented by a first-grader, and everyone seems to love it!

Guess Who

Guess Who claims to be for ages 6+ but I have no idea why? My boys are yet to turn 4yrs and have a speech delay, yet they can still play this game together! I had to help them for the first few rounds but now they actually manage to play all on their own. You definitely do not need to be 6yrs old to play Guess Who. It’s actually a great way to practice speech and they really enjoy spotting all the people with hats or blonde hair to eliminate.

Flushin’ Frenzy

This game is totally gross and the turd is far too realistic. However, it’s extremely simple to play and my twin boys absolutely love it. It makes them laugh every time and I’ve even seen them making up their own random games using it, which I love. Very similar and equally entertaining and gross is Doggie Doo.

Educational and STEM toys for 4yr-old Twins


I featured Magna-Tiles in my toys for twin toddler post but they are actually designed for 3+ and perfect for 4yr-olds. We bought some recently and I love that my 9yr-old daughter enjoys them as much as her 3 yr-old brothers. They are pricey but worth every penny.

Dino Egg Dig Kit

My boys love dinos and who doesn’t enjoy hands-on activities? You get twelve dinos in this kit so plenty for both twins to have fun exploring.

Marble Run Set

We have enjoyed our marble run for a long time. With supervision, the Twins have been playing with their big sister’s marble run since they were about 18months. Now they are old enough to build their own runs and I might have to upgrade their kit with a few extra pieces this Christmas!

Aqua Magic Mat

We don’t have one of these but it looks like a lot of fun. My twins love the little coloring books you can get with the water pens and this Aqua Magic Mat is just a bigger scale version! They love to draw and paint and this mess-free playmat looks perfect!

Lego Juniors Set

I will always sing the praises of Lego. I loved it as a child and still love it now. Lego Juniors kits are perfect for 4-6yr-olds who may find some of the regular kits complex and difficult to put together. They are regular sized lego blocks but just keep the design simple. I rather like this Family House Building Kit too although it comes in a girly pink box which may or may not be an issue for you!

Toys for Twins to Play Outside

Walkie Talkies

We have a set of these walkie talkies and they work great to encourage play together. Warning though… they are pretty loud so you might want to keep them outside, ha! And if you’re only looking for a pair, try these Walkie Talkies from Aockis.

GOLME PRO Pop Up Soccer Goal

My daughter uses the classic PUGG pop up goals for soccer practice and they are fantastic! These goals from GOLME are almost half the price and they get fantastic reviews. As soon as our landscaping project is finished I’m investing in some!

Patio Playhouse

My twin boys love to role play with kitchens, shops and just about anything. This outdoor playhouse has a sand box, pretend grill and more. If you’ve got the space it will definitely keep them entertained!

Sprinkle & Splash Play Mat

Bring the splashpad home with this awesome playmat! It may not be the right time of year for it but I know it would be a total hit with any 4yr old twin boys or girls.

Collapsable Cornhole

My twin boys are still learning how to throw a good distance but they absolutely love cornhole. This collapsable cornhole with points looks like a fabulous summer game that you can pack away easy and take to parties too.

Multi-Toy Sets Perfect for Twins to Share

Toy Set with Play Mat

This mat and car combo has plenty of toys for both twins to play with. It comes in police, fire-fighter, construction or racing car versions and all look pretty great!

Construction Trucks Set of 4

For something simple, this set of four trucks are fabulous value for money and I know my boys would enjoy them!

Safari Buddies Hand Puppet Set

Hand puppets will never go out of fashion! This adorable safari set of six hand puppets will allow your twins to share and play together and even put on their own puppet show!

Magnetic Fishing Game

We were given the younger aimed Munchkin Fishing Set when the boys were toddlers which both boys love but there is only one rod and it also makes for a great weapon in the bath with the big swinging ball magnet at the end. Needless to say that one needs supervision. This fishing game looks perfect for 4yr-old twins because it comes with two rods, two nets and loads of fish to catch! Definitely one for the Christmas list!

Hot Wheels Speedway Track

We have different hot wheels set which I don’t love for a number of reasons, but the mechanics of it are great and this set looks much better. Two launchers so no fighting there (you can guess how many launchers ours has), just remember that someone needs to put it together!

Dino Race Car Track

My twin boys were given this set for their 3rd birthday but they play with it a lot at the moment and it will definitely last them a lot longer. The cars do eat batteries because they run continuously, so don’t forget to check under the sofa occasionally for a mystery car that still has the wheels running!

I hope you enjoyed this shortlist of the best toys for 4yr-old twin boys. I apologize to all twin girls who also love cars, soccer and dinos… this list is for you too.

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