Are you thinking about starting a blog like this one? Maybe you already have a blog but need some advice on how to gain more traffic or monetize your hard work? I started Twin Pickle as a bit of fun but it has become a treasured creative outlet and the perfect flexible way to earn a little money. This blog earns me between $1-3K every month and I love that as a stay-at-home mom I can contribute to the household income and save a little for myself. 
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It’s only when you start blogging, you realize a huge proportion of people reading blogs, also write their own. Although I never planned to ‘blog about blogging’, I have learned an incredible amount since I started, and love to share my story and knowledge. I started by writing a couple of posts here at Twin Pickle… and have now branched out and started a whole new site Blogging Fundamentals.

If you’re just looking for an overview… a little bit of everything in one post, check out my original blogging post titled: ‘Blogging Brain Dump‘. 

Quick Links to Key Blogging tutorials at blogging fundamentals:

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 If you are feeling overwhelmed at the idea of getting started, do get in touch! I’m a real person and love to help!
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