5 Good Reasons to Skip Cooking When Tailgating With Kids

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This post is sponsored by Jersey Mike’s but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Cooler weather, football and friends… tailgate season is here! Whether you’re serving eats from the back of the minivan or gathering around the picnic blanket, finding the time to put together the perfect spread can dampen the fun. Take the pressure off and opt for easy catering instead! Noone minds whether you’ve slaved over a stove or picked up a ready-to-go catering package, as long as you’re there and everyone is having a good time.


I love to cook when I’m in the zone, this blog is filled with recipes. But there is a time and a place for the perfect freshly-cooked sliders, and a big social gathering in a parking lot with 3yr-old twins isn’t always one of them. Rather than freak out, or even worse cancel, take a load off and pick up a pre-ordered catering order instead!

5 Simple Reasons to Choose Catering Over Cooking

Tailgating is for Socializing

Although us twin moms are expert multi-taskers, we also don’t get to socialize as much as we’d like to. Focus on the reasons you’re really at the party… is it to impress your friends with your cooking skills or is it to catch up, laugh and share.


Avoid Tailgate Burnout

Although a big social gathering is awesome fun, it is also extremely tiring when you have multiple kids to keep an eye on. Keeping other duties simple means you won’t burn out by the end of the day.

No Prep Required

When you have three kids to coordinate, it can be difficult to find time to prep for social events. I love to cook, but sometimes it’s just too stressful to enjoy when you’re trying to squeeze extra duties into your busy routine. When I booked Jersey Mike’s catering I ordered online and picked up the following day, simple. Subs are easy to bring and easy to eat outside.


Keep the Kiddos Safe

Tailgating is exciting for kids, and they can easily wander off when they are busy making friends. Rather than flipping burgers, feel good about keeping an eye on the littles.


Easy Cleanup

If you choose a simple catering option like Jersey Mike’s subs, everything will be easy to clean up because it’s all finger food and comes prewrapped and boxed for catered events. No big clean up required when your kids have gone into meltdown mode at the end of the day!

Jersey Mike’s Catering Options


Jersey Mike’s catering is perfect for tailgating, football games, picnics, or even family road trips. Keep your social gathering stress free and delicious with easy to serve subs and sides. Sub options include:

  • Personalized lunch boxes containing a sub, cookie and chips.
  • Subs by the box: Perfect for 10 people, and particularly easy to serve when you are catering for groups!
  • Subs by the bag: Individual subs which come in three different sizes.

Once you’ve chosen your sub order it’s easy to add sides like salads, drinks, cookies and brownies. My twin boys are gluten intolerant so I was excited to see Jersey Mike’s offers gluten-free bread too! When you order your subs online you simply choose a pick up time and they will be ready for you when you arrive. Pick up en-route to your tailgate event and arrive with a stress free smile!


Check out Jersey Mike’s and their catering services for all your fall entertaining needs, especially tailgating! 

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