Lactose-Free Maple Iced Coffee

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This post is sponsored by Land O Lakes, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Summer is in full swing and iced coffees are in full pour! Fancy flavored coffees are always a treat, but save your pennies and stick to making them at home. This Lactose-Free Maple Iced Coffee recipe is simple, delicious, and easy on the tummy too.


Summer Break: Iced Coffee Required!

We recently moved from Phoenix to Vegas… apparently, we like our weather hot! I still enjoy my morning coffee but an iced drink is perfect to get me going in the summer months. We have two weeks left of summer break and I’m needing all the coffee I can get, ha! I do love my little ones, but they drive each other crazy when they are stuck inside escaping the heat for too long!


Considering Sensitive Tummies

I have shared before about the Twins’ gluten intolerance and it doesn’t stop there. They are sensitive creatures and a little too much of anything can upset their tummies. In adjusting their diet I realized my husband is likely in the same position. He ignores it but constantly complains of gut trouble. As a family we have become more aware of food senstivities and have become proactive with trying new products.


Land O Lakes Lactose-Free Half & Half

Land O Lakes Lactose-Free Half & Half is perfect for your coffee and I was amazed at the taste! I didn’t really know what to expect from a Lactose-Free dairy product as I had never tried one before… the same dairy goodness without the troublesome lactose. Land O Lakes added a simple enzyme to break down the lactose in their regular Half & Half, and it’s just as creamy and rich in your coffee, yum!


Lactose-Free Maple Iced Coffee Recipe

This recipe is super simple… ice, coffee, maple syrup and Land O Lakes Lactose-Free Half & Half. Where the magic comes in is in the quantities. You may want to experiment with how you like it but I think I’ve nailed the perfect iced coffee with this recipe… let me know what you think!



  1. Fill a 9-ounce glass with ice to the brim.
  2. Pour freshly made coffee over the ice. A double shot of espresso is perfect (we have a coffee pod machine) but if you’re using instant or press coffee you want to make it strong! Remember that the ice melts quickly with the hot coffee and waters down your coffee to a sensible strength and volume.
  3. Add the maple syrup and stir. Add double the syrup if you like your coffee quite sweet.
  4. Pour over your Land O Lakes Lactose-Free Half & Half, stir and enjoy!

If you struggle with sensitivity to dairy products, give Land O Lakes Lactose-Free Half & Half a go and have fun making some fancy coffee creations at home!

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  1. I don’t know that I’ve checked to see whether the half and half I buy from this brand is lactose free but that is great to know that it’s an option. Good to know that it still gives that creamy taste as the regular:)


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