23 Adorable Easter Cookie Ideas

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Nothing goes down better than a basket of cookies at an Easter gathering. I’ve reached out to my fellow bloggers to see what adorable easter cookie ideas they have for the season. From killer bunnies to hot cross cookies, here are 23 of my favorite Easter cookie recipes.

23 Adorable Easter Cookie Ideas

Easter Bunny Cut-Out Cookies

These cut-out cookies turn a simple sandwich cookie into something quite adorable! Recipe from Corrie over at ‘Cents Able Momma‘.

Easter bunny cut out cookies

Chocolate Peanut Butter Easter Nest Cookies

Gluten-free, lots of good for you ingredients and ready in 15minutes, these no-bake Easter nest cookies look delicious!. Recipe from Laura at ‘Joy Food Sunshine‘.

Chocolate Covered Graham Craker Easter Eggs

My daughter would love these because she’s all about the sprinkles! Simple but totally cute, these graham cracker egg cookies will go down a treat. Recipe from Wendy at ‘The Monday Box‘.

Easy Rice Crispie Treat Easter Egg Cookies

Rice Crispie treats are fun to make and are always popular. The little dip of sprinkles just takes them to another level! Recipe from Stephanie at ‘Spaceships and Laserbeams‘.


Bunny Butt Easter Cookies

Just too cute… bunny butts are definitely an adorable Easter cookie idea! Recipe from Jenn at ‘Princess Pinky World‘.

Easter bunny butt cookies

Easter Egg Peanut Butter Pretzel Bites

Technically not a cookie but these looked simple to make and just as cute and festive as a cookie. My boys love Glutino brand gluten free pretzels and these would make an easy cookie alternative for them! Recipe from Kristin at ‘Dizzy, Busy & Hungry‘.

easter egg peanut butter pretzel bites

Pink Bunny Peeps Cookies

Whether you love them or hate them, Peeps will be haunting your Easter celebrations for many years to come. Make the most of it with this pink bunny cookies. Recipe from Stacie at ‘Divine Lifestyle‘.

Pink bunny peeps cookie recipe

Simple Easter Birds Nest Cookies

A simple sugar cookie can make the perfect birds nest! Recipe from Angie at ‘The Country Chic Cottage‘.

simple easter birds nest cookies

Easter Bunny Oreo Cookie Candy

Is it candy or is it a cookie? It’s both! Oreo cookies encased in an Easter candy… proving anything is possible! Recipe from Jennifer over at ‘Mommy Evolution‘.

Easter bunny oreo cookie candy

Easter M&M Thumbprint Cookies

Tiny little sugar cookies with an Easter colored M&M. Adorable yet super simple Easter cookie idea! Recipe from Krystle at ‘Baking Beauty‘.

easter m&m thumbprint cookies

Hatching Easter Chick Cookies

It wouldn’t be Easter without some chicks. I know my daughter would have lots of fun making these! Recipe from Sam at ‘Simple Everyday Mom‘.


Chocolate Covered Bunny Easter Cookies

So pretty, and the chocolate is colored in the perfect Easter shades of pastel. Recipe from Lisa at ‘Retro Housewife Goes Green‘.

chocolate covered bunny easter cookies

Hot Cross Cookies

I am going to be baking these sometime soon, they look so good! I’m not sure how much of a thing hot cross buns are here in the US, but in the UK where I am from, they are an Easter staple! Can’t wait to try the cookie version… Recipe from Mel at ‘A Virtual Vegan‘.

Iced Bunny Butt Cookies

More bunny butts! I couldn’t decide which I liked best so I included two. This adorable bunny butt recipe is courtesy of Jaclyn at ‘Crayons and Cravings‘.


Soft Chewy Sugar Cookies

I must admit, I have never made soft chew sugar cookies, yet I love to eat them! Good for anytime of year, but I loved the pretty pink frosting. Recipe from Mariel at ‘Or So She Says‘.

soft chewy sugar cookies easter cookie ideas

Killer Bunny Cookies

I’m not sure what to say… why have cute bunnies when you can have killer bunnies?! Ha! Recipe from Claire at ‘The Simple Sweet Life


‘Nutter Butter’ Chick Easter Cookie Idea

These cracked egg chick cookies will be a crowd pleaser, super cute! Recipe from Stacy at ‘The Soccer Mom Blog‘.


Allergy Free Soft Frosted Cookie

I’m always one for saving the allergy free recipes because the Twins do get fed up with me baking things they can’t eat. Pretty in pink, this recipe comes from Rebecca at ‘Strength & Sunshine‘.

allergy free soft frosted easter cookie ideas

Easter Egg Pizza Cookie

I do like a pizza cookie, such a novelty. Get yourself some Easter egg toppings for the season! Recipe from Carrie at ‘Kennary‘.


Rice Crispies Easter Treat Cookie

These pretty party favors are an adorable Easter cookie idea! Recipe shared from Deana at ‘Honey & Lime‘.

Rice crispies easter treat cookie

Nutella Easter Birds Nest Cookies

Nutella birds nests sound delicious. They would not last long around my kids! Recipe from Keri Lyn at ‘All Because She Saved‘.

nutella easter bird nest cookies

Milano Easter Egg Cookies

Wendy made these for one of her Easter military care boxes and I’m sure the recipiants were overjoyed! Recipe at ‘The Monday Box‘.

Milano Easter Egg Cookie Ideas

Rose Pistachio Shortbread Cookies

We’re finishing up with a cookie that’s not really Easter themed but too pretty not to share. Plus, I love shortbread! Recipe from Bintu at ‘Recipes From a Pantry‘.

Rose Pistachio Shortbread Cookies

I hope you’ve found some baking inspiration with these adorable Easter cookie ideas. There is more baking to come, look out for my Easter cupcake recipe coming soon!

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  1. Great job compiling so many options – we have a girl’s baking night coming up (with infant twins I had to book a monthly girl’s get together at the beginning of the year or risk it never happening!) and will send them this link for inspiration! Personally want to try the Chocolate Peanut Butter Easter Nest Cookies – yum!


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