How to Teach Your Kids Guitar With Fender Play

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This post is sponsored by Fender but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Is a guitar on the family Holiday wish list? Maybe you like the idea of learning yourself while teaching the kids to play without expensive weekly lessons? Elsie and I have broken the seal on learning guitar and I’m sharing our experience to help you teach your kids guitar using the Fender Play app!

How to Teach Kids guitar with Fender Play

My husband has played the guitar since a child and I have asked him a couple of times to run me through the basics. Trouble is, I can’t replay his instructions and I’ve never managed to progress. My daughter is now interested in playing herself. She loves music and enjoys the recorder, piano and violin. We decided to give the Fender Play app a go together, as a way to spend time together and learn a new skill. 

Learning guitar with Fender Play

Benefits of Learning Guitar

Elsie has always been musical and has managed to self-teach herself a lot of piano with books and a little help from Mom. The guitar is slightly different because I don’t know enough to support the learning. I need to learn this instrument with her which I’m pretty excited about! Learning together gives us a little mom/daughter time too… always important because she is the oldest of three. 

Learning to play instruments like the guitar enhances youth brain development and is a great way to improve hand-eye coordination. The guitar is a great instrument to learn for social bonding too. I always love it when a friend pulls out the guitar on the beach or at a party. Its one of those instruments that everyone enjoys.

Kids learning guitar with Fender Play

Playing an instrument can improve general well-being and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone.  The emotional benefits are abundant,  from increased creativity and  self-expression to learning persistence and patience. When Elsie first picked up a recorder she found it extremely frustrating and we had a lot of tears. She soon learned that hard work was required to learn new skills and her work ethic and confidence has benefited from it. Playing even five minutes a day can lead to a range of physical, mental and emotional benefits.

The Fender Play App

Fender Play is a simple but complete app for learning guitar, bass, or ukulele. It’s creators, Fender, are the most trusted name in guitar and we are lucky enough to be learning on my husband’s Fender Stratocaster. Fender Play is easy to use and appropriate for the young and not-so-young alike. They offer a free 14-day trial so you have nothing to lose by giving it a go. And if you decide to continue your lessons beyond the trial, the cost of a whole year is likely less than one single in-person lesson.

Fender Play has everything you need to learn guitar, bass, and ukulele. When you first log in, you’ll be asked which instrument and style of music you wish to learn. This means you’ll be playing well-known songs from your favorite genre. You could be playing your first song in as little as 22minutes, although because Elsie and I were taking turns we decided to take it steady and set a goal to play a song by the end of the first week. You can go at your own pace, replay lessons as needed and easily track progress.

Fender Play App Electric Guitar

Fender Play takes a micro-learning approach to keep you learning fast… bite-sized lessons so you can easily squeeze in a little progress regularly. The lesson videos are professionally shot and the program is designed by educational professionals. Elsie loved that some of the instructors were women too. The guitar is for girls and boys alike!

Try Fender Play for yourself with a free trialand SPECIAL OFFER: Annual Plan gets you 10% off Fender gear for the year in the US & UK

Downloading the Fender Play App

How to Teach Your Kids Guitar With the Fender Play App

Learn About Your Equipment

Elsie and I watched the first few Fender Play lessons together which taught us about the equipment. I could tell Elsie felt more comfortable having a go once she had had a good look over the details of the instrument. If you already know the basics… just skip this and get straight to the playing. Go at your own pace!

Get comfortable Playing a Few Simple Notes

The Fender Play videos go at a great pace. There is no panic in keeping up… something Elsie doesn’t deal very well with. She got a real kick out of running through the strings in ascending and descending order using the pick. We were doing that within minutes of starting and she was excited to be playing. We quickly moved onto moving up and down the frets which require more coordination but she did great!

How to Teach your Kid Guitar with Fender Play

Take it in Turns to Build Confidence & Allow for Breaks

Learning an instrument is quite intense on concentration. It really helped to be able to switch over and watch me have a go. Seeing me make mistakes helped Elsie understand it happens to everyone and is nothing to worry about. We both enjoyed celebrating the other one’s successes and overall the paired learning has been fabulous.


Whether you are looking for a new hobby yourself, or you have a kid that is dreaming of being a rock star, I highly recommend the Fender Play app. We have made great progress in just a few sessions and it’s been a lot of fun!

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  1. This is such a great post, I learnt to play the guitar when I was younger, however sadly it was only for one year and then the teacher couldn’t do it anymore so I didn’t get to learn it as much as I would have liked.

  2. My kids both play instruments and it’s so good for them. How cool that there is a program like this that they can learn at their own place from the comfort of home, too!


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