10 Essential Styles for the Perfect Tween Girl Bedroom

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My daughter is 8yrs old and officially in tween territory. Tweens are full of new ideas and independence, which I love, but I also see my little baby slipping away from me. Elsie is all comic books, sports and video games but also isn’t ready to give up the pretties. She likes fluffy pillows, soft blankets, kawaii and all things cute. So, it’s a bit of a mish-mash… hence the term ‘tween’ (short for ‘the in-between years’). How do you tackle the perfect tween girl bedroom?

10 Essential Styles for the Perfect Tween Girl Bedroom Pin

This post shares interior design ideas but I also have a post full of cute decor for tween girls’ rooms. Together these two articles will have you creating the perfect bedroom!

10 Essential Styles Tween Girl Bedrooms

Hang out Space

Play dates are being promoted to social hang-outs and there is some serious girl talk to be had. Your tween is going to start spending more time in their room because at some point Mom is going to lose any kind of cool-factor status. The ultimate tween girl bedroom will have space to house all your friends for the perfect pyjama party.

Dogs, Cats and Exotic Pets

Elsie is in a cat phase lately and I feel like that’s pretty standard for her age. Adorable prints, pillows, bedding and wallpaper are fashionably adorned with cats and dogs these days. And don’t forget the odd flamingo or unicorn…

Memo/Notice  Boards

I’m not sure exactly when it happened, but life got busy… The trend for cute memo boards has been around for a while and even as a tween myself I had a cork board to pin photos and ribbons, tickets and any other collectibles. Tweens are at a new age of independence and they want to have ownership of their walls. Save the paint and give them a decorative board to show off all their bits and pieces.


 Somewhere to Work

As mentioned earlier, the want for privacy is on the rise during the tween years and so is the homework load. My daughter still needs considerable supervision to get homework done but I’m hoping at some point she can be a little more independent with it. Creating a little space of her own to work would likely help with this and a grown-up desk space is the perfect accompaniment for your memo board!

Love this fitted workstation too:

Fairy Lights and Hygge

Elsie is all about the blankets… pile them up and get cozy with knits, fluffy pillows and all things hygge. Lighting is so important in creating that cozy, girly space and rows of twinkly fairy lights make the perfect ambient space. I love the photo below for the feel of the lighting, loose frames, blankets, and colors… however, I do not recommend you give your tween a bottle of champagne (this girl is clearly older!).

Eclectic Wall Decor

If the memo board just insn’t enough, your tween may be looking for further decorative enhancements. Letters, mixed frames, arts and crafts and patterns all come together for a fun eclectic style. They’re probably creating some artwork masterpieces by now… frame a couple!


Boho, Macrame and Natural Collectibles

If your tween is less pink and fluffy and more outdoorsy, she may take to a more boho, festival, nature styling. Baskets, seagrass, bamboo and neutral tones can easily be kept young with some homemade pictures and collectibles from a nature walk. Encouraging them to look after their own plant is also a great idea, and as I have mentioned in the past, creates positive Feng Shui.

Closet & Dresser

Not all tweens have found an interest in fashion yet but many start to get picky with their outfits and enjoy a little fashionista spirit. If you remember my laugh-out-loud post about my daughter’s fashion sense, I’m feeling a little better, we’ve come a long way in two years. Closet space may be limited but find a way to fun and reorganize. A dresser space is also essential, even if it’s a shelf within the closet. Girl’s gonna be accessorizing!!


Neon, Color and Disco Balls

So maybe boho isn’t your kid’s thing at all… maybe they’re more of a beach babe and love to keep it colorful! The photo below is not a tween room but I love the mix of mayhem and neon, there are definitely cool ideas to be inspired!

Chandeliers and Feathers

We’re ending with a girly one… Elsie would love a chandelier in her bedroom. Whether it’s a classic glass drop chandelier or something like the pendants below, it feels luxurious, grown up and girly. The photo below also reminds me… don’t forget the pull-out bed for friends to stay over!

I hope these gorgeous rooms have given you some inspiration to create your own perfect tween girl bedroom. Whether you have a little princess, a music fanatic or a beach babe, your tween will be looking for more independence and a space that fits their personality!

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