Clever Stuff for Twins to Sleep In

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I started writing a post about essential twin gear a couple of days ago and got totally sidetracked by all the cool stuff for twins to sleep in… so here we are. There were so many clever ways you can have your twins set up to sleep. 

Everyone’s needs are slightly different, especially taking into account factors like space at home and budget. I’m comparing my eight favorite vessels for sleepy twins, whether you’re looking to co-sleep them, travel with them or wheel them with you to the park!

clever stuff for twins to sleep in pin

 *This post contains affiliate links. This means I may get a small commission if you decide to purchase one of the products I link to. This does not affect the price of the item.*

HALO Bassinest Twin Sleeper

The Halo Twin Sleeper is the perfect space saving option for those first few months. It is extremely well designed and is perfect for tucking in next to the bed. The sides lower for easy nighttime feeds, it swivels, vibrates, plays lullabies… it has gotta be good right?

halo twin bassinet

However, it is expensive. If you have a little cash to splurge or very excited grandparents that want to help, great. If not, you may want to save your pennies for something more long-term.

Romp & Roost Oversized Playard

This oversized pack n play includes a mesh divider to allow twins to sleep side by side. Great for traveling with and because its a playard you’ll make good use of it when those little ones start exploring.

romp roost playard twins

I would say, however, if you have your babies via C-Section you may struggle to lean in that far to pick them up repeatedly for feeds in the first few weeks. I’m short, which doesn’t help!

Joovy Twin2 Nursery Center

Although bassinets are really convenient, babies grow out of them fast. I love the idea of using something with a dual purpose, making the most of your purchase.

Joovy Twin Playard

The Joovy Twin2 is a pack n play yard made for two, perfect for when you want to keep rolling babies safe while you take a shower or use the bathroom… yes, you are allowed to do that. Joovy also offer a twin bassinet to attach to the top, perfect for those early days! 

Whitney Bros 2 Level Crib

It’s pretty expensive, it’s definitely wacky, but the 2 Level Crib might just be the answer you’ve been looking for. When we had our first born singleton we lived in a tiny house, there is no way two cribs would have fit in our bedroom. You just might need to stack those babies!

double crib for twins

Graco Pack ‘n Play for Twins

The Graco Twin Pack ‘n Play is an extremely popular choice for new twin moms. Similar to the Joovy Playard above, two bassinets clip into the top, giving easy access to your babies for feeding without taking up too much space in your bedroom. And of course you can use the pack ‘n play for keeping them out of trouble later!

Graco Pack n Play for Twins

Bugaboo Donkey Twin Stroller

OK, so you may not want your twins sleeping in the stroller on a permanent basis, but for a nap it is perfect. Take those littles out for a walk in a twin bassinet stroller, let them fall asleep, park up the stroller and put your feet up!

bugaboo twin stroller

It is recommended for newborn babies to spend time flat on their back rather than too much time in car seats and bouncy chairs, so if your budget can stretch to it, I highly recommend getting a stroller with two bassinets. The Bugaboo Donkey is a pricey option but the bassinets are nice and spacious if you are willing to battle with the odd doorway. They also offer a bundle with everything you need rather than having to buy the bassinets separately.

Mountain Buggy Duet Stroller

This stroller is one of the only on the market (along with the Bugaboo above) which allows you to push two bassinets at one time. Along with the fact it is no wider than a regular single stroller, that is why I chose the Mountain Buggy Duet. It looks fab, has loads of different orientations, and is more affordable than the Bugaboo. 

clever stuff for twins to sleep in mountain buggy duet
Naptime in the stroller!

However, my boys have always been enormous, and because the bassinets are so slim they weren’t able to use them comfortably for long, probably only a couple of months. We still love the stroller, and it’s fantastic to have a side-by-side that fits through doors!

4moms mamaRoo 4 infant seat

I know… I’m totally cheating on this one. The 4moms mamaRoo is not made for twins, but… they are really compact in design compared with other swing chairs. When we went to browse swing chairs I couldn’t believe how much space they were going to take up!

clever stuff for twins to sleep in mamaroo
Still loving their mamaRoos at 10 months!

We bought two Mamaroos used on Craiglist… we then sold them again on Craiglist afterward for the same price. It literally cost us nothing to use! If you do decide to buy new, you will have no problem selling afterward… these things are in high demand!

If I come across any more cool stuff for twins to sleep in I’ll update… do let me know if you’ve found something awesome. And if you’re considering co-sleeping your twins in one crib check out my post on sleeping arrangements for twins!

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  1. I strongly recommend you add the Baby Trend Twins Nursery Center to this list. Our babies were tiny 4 pounders, and we used the portable bassinets for a solid five months! They have easy carrying handles for moving the babies from room to room and can be manually rocked. Portable, small home friendly, and so great!


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