17 Fun Outdoor Kids Activities Made by Big Imaginations

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Here in Arizona, we get more sun than most, and this time of year is the perfect time to be outside having fun. Pack up the indoor crafts and get stuck into some fun outdoor kids activities! I’m giving a shout out to some of my fellow bloggers, and showcasing some big imaginations…these creative moms have so many ideas for educational and creative activities!

17 Fun Outdoor Kids Activities Pin

If you’re looking for ideas on what to do with your kids this Spring, get some inspiration from these creative families. From the simple to the silly to some epic DIYing, here are seventeen fun outdoor activities for kids to get stuck into:

DIY splash pad

Gena from Ginger Casa has gone all out on her outdoor kids’ activities and made her own splash pad. I love an ambitious DIY project and the result looks like so much fun! Your kids will have endless fun and you will definitely win Mom of the Year with this one. Find the full tutorial here –> DIY Splash Pad for Summer Fun, Year After Year!

Image from Ginger Casa

SENSORY Beach Exploring

Jenny from Mommy Evolution shares educational ideas and activities for the beach in her post –> How to find natural sensory experiences outdoors. From stone skimming to exploring geology, ecology and natural textures, there is so much you can do with pebbles on the beach!

Image from Mommy Evolution

DIY Stepping Stones

I love this idea from sisters Sonja and Jane at Sustain my Craft Habit. I’m sure my eight-year-old would love to make her own stepping stones for the garden. Mix up your own concrete and press in some little treasures. I like the idea of making one a year too, too cute –> DIY Stepping Stones: Starting a Family Tradition.

Image from Sustaining my Craft Habit

Pool Noodles Games

This fabulous idea from Angie at The Country Chic Cottage is perfect for helping out my daughter with her soccer skills! Pool noodles are so cheap and I love it when I see a new fun use for them. I might need to rename this game soccer noodle croquet –> Pool Noodle Games: Summer Fun for Kids.

Image from The Country Chic Cottage

Racing big foot

These DIY cardboard feet create a hilarious game for all the family. Make yourself a set of feet and have fun making trails, racing and just being generally silly. Marie & Aleisha from The Inspiration Vault offer a tutorial and video of big feet in action –> Bigfoot Cardboard Feet.

Image from The Inspiration Vault

Messy Outdoor Painting

Jen from Cuddles and Chaos is embracing the mess and taking the painting outside in swimsuits. Don’t be precious, let them get covered in paint and rinse them down outside afterward. More info on the painting fun –> Summer Paint Party.

Image from Cuddles & Chaos

Neighbourhood Treasure Hunt

I remember doing this at a kids birthday party when I was about eight and thought it really was the best thing ever! It takes a bit of time to set up but occasionally fun outdoor kids activities are worth the hassle. This one comes from Gena at Ginger Casa who we know from above isn’t afraid of a little hard work –> Keep Kids Active On The Weekends With A Treasure Hunt!

Fun Outdoor Kids Activities Treasure Hunt
Image from Ginger Casa

DIY Jenga

Amanda from Love & Renovations has created her own giant Jenga set for the backyard. Such a simple idea, I love it! The wood is given a coat of stain the finished result is cheaper and much more creative than the ones you can buy ready-made –> DIY Lawn Games: Backyard Blocks.

Photo from Love and Renovations

Teddy Bears’ Picnic

Amy from Encouraging Moms at Home put together a fabulous roundup of all the information you could possibly need to organize the perfect teddy bears’ picnic. Everything from food, teddy crafts and lots of examples of successful picnics –> Time for a Teddy Bear Picnic Day.

kids activities teddy bear picnic

Hiding Painted Rocks

Jenny from The Gingerbread House has such a sweet idea… I really want to give this a go. Her family have been painting rocks and hiding them for others to find. Imagine how excited another little kid will be when they find one! Jenny even made a Facebook group to connect with people that find the rocks –> Making and Hiding Painted Rocks.

hiding painted rocks
Image from The Gingerbread House

Messy Mud Sensory Play

Another one from Jenny at Mom Evolution… let them get messy and have fun in the mud! All three of my kids are a little too precious about dirt. They don’t like their hands getting messy and could do with more of this kind of activity! Jenny explains what they’ll learn and even how to clean up afterward –> Mud Sensory Play – The Ultimate Toddler Playdate.

Image from Mommy Evolution

Pool Noodle Frisbee Target

We’re back to genius uses for those pool noodles! Amanda from A Few Shortcuts has created a frisbee target with her pool noodles, such a great idea for a simple competitive backyard game! Find the full tutorial here –> Pool Noodle Frisbee Target.

pool noodle frisbee target


Plastic Bottle Bowling

Reuse Grow Enjoy offers a tutorial for a fun DIY outdoor game using plastic bottles filled with colored water. I love the idea of making family teams and creating a little healthy competition! Full tutorial here –> Plastic Bottle Bowling

Image from Reuse Grow Enjoy

Natureprint Paper

Last summer I published my daughter Elsie’s ideas for summer activities here at Twin Pickle and featured some fun in the sun with NaturePrint Paper. We’re ready to get back out and make some more awesome designs. Check out our NaturePrine activity here –> Outdoor Creative Activities for Kids.

fun kids outdoor activities natureprint paper
Our designs made with NaturePrint paper

Sidewalk Chalk drawing

Katelyn from What’s Up Fagans? has her own top ten list of her favorite simple outdoor activities. My pick from her list is sidewalk chalk, kids just love this activity and it’s great for groups and parties. Check out what the Fagan’s get up to –> Top Ten Backyard Activities for 4-Year-Olds


Build a backyard fort

Holly at ‘Or So She Says’ offers a tutorial for a DIY fort kit. Your kids can help you build your fort indoors or outdoors and come up with all sorts of role play games. Who doesn’t love a fort? –> DIY Fort Kit.

diy kids fort

And just in case it’s still snowing…

In case Spring hasn’t hit your part of the world yet, get yourself wrapped up and enjoy a snow obstacle course! Brenda from Paper Heart Family is fighting the cabin fever and facing the snow here –> Snow Obstacle Course.

Image from Paper Heart Family

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