2018 Decor Trends Inspiring Kids Rooms

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The verdict is out… the hottest 2018 decor trends for your home. I’m not always in agreement with the latest fashions, but I like where this year is taking us. I would love to see some of these trends make an impact on some awesome home projects and am sharing ways you can incorporate some new ideas into your family home.

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Natural Wood Accents

2018 decor trends push towards a more eclectic style. That means not too much of the matchy-matchy coordinated colors and textures we’ve seen in years past. Mixing multiple finishes gives a warmth and coziness that is perfect for kids rooms, after all kids love to go overboard on style! Try mixing natural wood accents with prints, paint and plenty of texture. How about this awesome handmade toybox from Nobobobo?

2018 decor trends natural wood toy box


Although white on white is out, monochrome is going strong. I love it because I’m a big fan of gender neutral rooms and there are so many adorable monochrome designs available online. This nursery set from Pottery Barn Kids is just the ticket to a cute black and white room.2018-decor-trends-emily-meritt-baby-bedding-sets

Floral Prints

Whether it’s in quilts, drapes or on the walls, 2018 is all about bold flowery prints. And if you want to go crazy, how about this floral/snacks wallpaper? I need to find a spot for it in my home… so much fun!

2018 decor trends floral pizza wallpaper

Brass & Mixed Metals

Brass took the place of rose gold last year and it’s here to stay. Whether it be handles, light fittings or mirror frames, brass can bring warmth to any room. Remeber to not overdo it though, and don’t be shy about mixing brass with other metals. This bunny lamp is whimsical and totally trending!

2018 decor trends brass bunny

Artisan Crafts & Woven Textures

We’re still loving it crafty and 2018 decor trends include all things woven. Bring a little texture into your home with natural wicker, rattan, seagrass and anything woven. Use woven vessels for toys, plants and laundry… how about these sleepy-eyed baskets?

2018 decor trends rattan basket

Feature Ceilings

A few months ago I posted a selection of fab ideas for feature ceilings for kids rooms and this is going to be big in 2018. It’s a pretty daring move but kids’ rooms are the perfect place to give it a trial run. This room is one of my favorites featured on the blog last year, it’s just gorgeous and bang on trend for this coming year. And if you just have to have this monochrome wallpaper it can be found here on Etsy.

Pattern Play Nursery contemporary-nursery


Circle Patterns

Geometric and circular designs are hot for 2018 bringing some pattern into your kids’ spaces with lots of new designs for cushions, wallpapers, bedding and more. How about this bold spotted wallpaper?

2018 style trends circular wallpaper

Jewel Tones & Velvet

They were hot last year and they’re still going strong, deep purples, peacock green, burgundy, and navy. These colors work beautifully with velvet, another 2018 decor trend you’ll want to get involved with. This gorgeous green pillow could be the perfect finishing touch to a boldly colored eclectic room:

2018 decor trends jewel tones

Dark Painted Furniture

The all-white kitchen is out, and you’ll see cabinets painted with shades of blue, deep grey and even purple. Similarly, internal doors have been heading darker, and all white furniture is becoming less popular. When looking for pieces like chairs and dressers, try a darker shade like this one from Land of Nod:

2018 decor trends blue desk chair 

Plenty of Wall Art

As the minimalist, bare aesthetic is replaced with a busier eclectic fashion it’s all about the wall art. Gallery walls, mixed frames, wall hangings… pretty much anything but bare walls. There is so much awesome artwork to choose from but I love these abstract fruit prints from Little Design Haus:

trending wall art

I’m pumped to incorporate some of these ideas in this year’s projects, I’m particularly excited to see a little more natural finishes and bold prints. I might even have to break the seal on wallpapering! Which is your favorite of the 2018 decor trends?


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20 thoughts on “2018 Decor Trends Inspiring Kids Rooms”

  1. I love looking at decor ideas for the home because I enjoy doing little projects in our home to make it look updated and full of life! Looks like it’s all about mixing materials and patterns this year! I really like the idea of having a feature ceiling! I think that’s a lot of fun!

  2. I really like the monochrome décor scheme, I think you can do a lot with it and its got a modern look to it when the décor is in a full white room. I have a strong love for dark painted furniture it always seems visually pleasing.

  3. Ooh. I love a lot of these trends, especially the first two. I redecorate each season and I’m currently working on redoing our living room, so you have given me the inspiration I need to get my butt shopping. Thanks for sharing this awesome post.

  4. I adore the natural wood look. However, my kids are more the bright color type. I would love if they followed the trends a little more but I think kids just like to go for what draws their attention most so it’s understandable why they choose such crazy colors. I let them because, well, they have to see it the most, ha!

    • Absolutely! I love that kids are immune to fashion when they’re young, and I often have to grin and cringe when my daughter picks something out, haha. If they love it, I love it… almost!

  5. I have a friend who’s decorated her house in the style of artisan crafts and woven textures you describe above. It makes her house feel homey and the cute little crafts always make me smile. One other trend I haven’t seen much of, but really love is painting the ceiling. I’ve passed your post along to my daughter. I bet my grandson would love some stars painted on his. x

    • The painted stars are so cute! I’m tempted by that one myself and it feels achievable, especially if you have a smooth ceiling because they are loads of amazing sticky decals around now that would save the painting and be easy to remove!

  6. I’m an interior designer and believe it or not, It’s so hard to decide when it’s already your home. Even my daughters’ room, I couldn’t decide coz’ I love so many styles. I’m gonna show her this, I’m leaning towards the wood accents. She might like it, we’ll see, so we can finish her room already.

  7. As a quilter and crafter, I really enjoy creating home decor, especially when I can customize the items for my home or other people’s homes. I also add imprinted photos to quilts, pillows, and wall hangings. My youngest daughter has the same interest in decorating her family’s home. They have just recently renovated and redecorated, and she has particular color themes going in each room. I think my favorite trends here are wood accents, the jewel tones, and the artisan crafts and woven trends.

  8. This year’s decor trendsare so inspiring! We are finally starting our girl’s room and this post gfave me some great ideas. She loves flowers very much, so We are definitely adding floral elements to her new room. I always decorate with fresh flowers around the house, love the scent and the mood they add,and for my girl’s room I’ve chosen a setof lovely faux peonies to decorate the bed canopy.


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