What’s Hot and Not for 2017? New Year Resolutions

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It’s 2017 people, and that means its time for optimism and planning. This year will be better than last year… it’s important to believe it, even if you’re proved wrong by the end of the month. So, what’s about to change for 2017? When coming up with New Year resolutions, you can end up with a long list. So instead, I’m thinking about what’s hot and not for 2017. This helps me:

  • Prioritize. What’s THE most important thing I want to achieve this year?
  • Add and Delete. Don’t just add a whole bunch of new stuff to your life, and don’t omit everything either. Find a balance – what’s hot and not for 2017.
  • Sliding Scale. Maybe something new isn’t quite what you thought it would be? Maybe it slides down the scale. That’s OK… organic fluidity baby.

Without further ado, here’s my plan for a better year – what’s hot and not for 2017?

What's hot and not for 2017

120°F Time

Unfortunately Santa did not bring me a time machine as requested – I was obviously on the naughty list. After spending every moment of 2016 in the company of the Twins I can safely say I am going insane. I will be investing in time to myself, and get a regular babysitter/nanny for a couple of afternoons of freedom. I am more than excited about this, cue little mom jig…

101°F Photography

Blogging is a multi-skilled endeavor and it’s time to up my game. My husband was kind enough to kit me out with all sorts of computer and photography goodies for my December birthday, so I’m pretty much at ‘all the gear and no idea’ stage. 2017 is officially going to be prettier than 2016. (I know you noticed the new look of the site already 😉

98°F Walking

More walking for the me and the dog, we both need more fresh air and exercise. Our dog is getting so fat from all the highchair appetizers, her legs are starting to disappear, intervention required. Any walking at all by the Twins would also be good, come on twinkies… you’re 13months, you can do it. Of course once walking is mastered my walking is going to be upgraded to running, in two opposite directions at once.

83°F House Plants

In the past, we haven’t been big on house plants. Partly because I have a talent for killing them, partly because we used to travel a lot and this often finished off the ones I hadn’t already murdered. Now we have three kids we’re just not so jet set… so, project house plant commences. They look great and they are increase air quality, win win. There will no doubt be casualties along the way, but we’ll get there.

72°F Black

Black accents in the home – picture frame, coffee tables, door handles, window frames… yes, everything is looking cool in black right now. And it doesn’t stop there – when I left my profession as an Architect I made an effort to wear less black. I thought I needed more color in my life but I was wrong. I want my black back and because I don’t practice Architecture at the moment I’m not even a cliche.

68°F Sleep

I have three kids and I’m tired. I’ve spent the past few months trying to get more sleep, but whether I get it or not, I’m still tired anyway. So, I’ve come to the conclusion that when you’re in your mid thirties and you have three kids you are going to be more tired than you were ten years ago. That’s OK, take it easy when you need to and stop freaking out about getting more sleep, because frankly it’s not going to happen any time soon.

54°F The Gym

Following ‘To Gym or Not to Gym?’ I did quit my membership, and I have no plans to return just yet. It’s difficult to find the time to go, and your conscience tortures you all day long until you get there. Having said that, I do want to be healthy and fit – see ‘walking’ above, and I want to get back into yoga… it’s been a while and I miss it. Good for the body and the mind.

49°F Illness

We have spent the past three months battling cold after cold. Strep throat, ear infections, weazing, rashes… ugh. I’m done. Everyone is on the mend now and I’m ordering the whole family to stay that way. More fun, less snot please.

41°F Meat

We eat too much of it. All of us. I’m not going vegetarian just yet, but I will be eating less meat in 2017. If you’re not aware of the impact mass farming is having our environment and ecosystem, I highly recommend doing some reading. The basics are covered on whyeatlessmeat.com and if you haven’t seen the documentary Cowspiracy I highly recommend it, quite the eye opener. My Mom is going to read this in horror because I grew up on a beef farm, which she still runs. Sorry Mom.

32°F Super Mom 

I put my hands up… I tried it and it’s not healthy. You can’t do it all. So, along with ‘time‘ as featured above, I am going to stop doing it all. I’m not picking up the shoes that are constantly scattered all over the house – put them somewhere tidy yourself. I’m not picking up your knickers from the kitchen floor every morning (don’t ask), do it yourself. Tidy your own room; I’m not the only person that can make a bed; and it is possible for a man to work the washing machine. Goodbye Super Mom, welcome Delegator.


So come on, spill the beans, what’s hot and not for 2017 in your life?



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Katherine is an electrochemist, hiking enthusiast, and family lifestyle blogger. As a mom of three, including twins, she enjoys DIY, travel, and eating good food. British born, Katherine moved to the US in 2014, and now called Las Vegas home.

28 thoughts on “What’s Hot and Not for 2017? New Year Resolutions”

  1. This is such a creative way to organize a blog post! I can totally relate to the eating too much meat section, but I am working on cutting down!

    What a great post!

    Have a great year,
    Kara Tapangan, The Blog

  2. This is the cutest post.. so creative! My husband an I are also trying to carve out little slices of life for ourselves, too. We are people who have a date night MAYBE once per year, and this year we have decided to do 12 dates in 12 months! I also need a better sleep schedule.. I go to bed last and get up first.. and I’m usually just SO tired every single day.. I’m tired of being tired!

  3. Great ideas and good luck! I have definitely been doing the sitter for a couple hours thing, even if it is to do errands because Lord knows being pregnant and running around town with an 18 month old is a lot of work! Oh, and plants in the house are just lovely. We have them all over and love it.

  4. Great ideas! Loved the degree approach. The houseplants goal resonated for me – I have a whole bunch of orchids that have been seriously neglected. I felt so much better about cleaning them up and repotting them this weekend. They look much happier, too! Now if I can just remember to water them regularly this year!

  5. Great post. This really makes sense…and I don’t even have 3 kids (but my 2 yr old makes it seem like 3!) I had to laugh about the plants…when I go into a plant department, I ask “Which one of you want to go home with me and die?”

  6. For me, being a consumer to just basically consume for no reason is on my NOT HOT list this year. We’re in the process of minimizing our things in our house so we can have more space and less stuff. I can’t wait to tackle more rooms.

    • I wish it was!! I ended 2016 pretty exhausted and I’m pretty sure my face has ages ten years ? More self-care for sure! Happy New Year 🙂

  7. Best of luck with these! I love gardening, but I have the worst track record with house plants, I kill them all! Improving my photography was my goal for last year and I like to think I achieved it. I’d like to take it further this year though – I’m still fairly reliant on luck to get a good shot! Love your new look site too! Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove


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