How to Announce Twin Pregnancy : 10 of the Best Twin Reveals

The world went mad this week when Beyonce showed the world how to announce twin pregnancy like an A-Lister. The Carter’s announcement photo shattered the world record for most liked Instagram image of all time, partly because it’s Beyonce, but partly because of photographer Awol Erizku’s unusual set up. People either loved it, hated it or were just generally confused by it. But one thing’s for sure, it got people talking. As I’ve mentioned before, the general public are obsessed with twins, and when we found out I had two buns in the oven, I found it very difficult not to tell everyone I saw! So how can your big reveal make twice the impact?

how to announce twin pregnancy

I never did the big Facebook reveal when I was pregnant with the Twins, I went with the full impact announcement when they were born. There was a lot going when we first found out I was pregnant… I was in a car crash, my father passed away, and then we moved house and State in the second trimester. With a loss in my past adding to my concerns, I was plagued with pregnancy paranoia, so decided to keep quiet on social media. Despite this, plenty of parents-to-be choose to spread the news in all sorts of creative ways, and I certainly love seeing the results.  Here are some of my favorites:

Two Peas in a Pod

two peas twin announcement
source: pinterest.com

For the Mathematician 

math twins
source: parent.com

For the Comedian

morning sickness twin announcement
source: doublethebatch.com

For the Scientist

IVF twin announcement
source: bertolaphotography.com

IVF Success

ivf success twin announcement
source: pinterest.com

For the Surrogate Pregnancy

surrogate pregnancy announcement
source: theirpeasmypod.wordpress.com

For the Poet

twin announcement poem
Source: Etsy.com (LCoOnEtsy)

For the Star Wars Fan

clone wars twin announcement
source: blogs.babycenter.com

For the Dog Lover

dog twin announcement
source: Pinterest

For the Boy/Girl Reveal

gender reveal twins
source: pinterest


I hope you enjoyed these as much as I did. And if you’re here looking for inspiration for your own twin announcement, congratulations!


Sleeping upright – a joy of twin pregnancy

twin pregnancy
Funny Cat Pictures : http://www.funnycatsite.com/

When I heard the words “today is extra-special because I can see two healthy heartbeats…” the first word that uttered from my mouth was “oh”, quickly followed by “no”. Not because I don’t love babies, and not because I don’t love a good BOGOF deal… But how the hell was my 5ft 3″ body going to house two whole babies? And how do you even hold two babies at once when they’re on the outside anyway??

Twin pregnancy was tough, I’m not going to lie. All symptoms are essentially doubled, from morning sickness to swollen ankles, along with that irritating ‘incredibly full but could eat a horse and it’s cart’ sensation. My least favourite of these was not being able to lie down.

Closely linked to the horse and cart issue, finding a comfortable position to sleep is a challenge for all preggo ladies. You’re told not to lie flat on your back so as not to pinch the vena cava (an artery that supplies the placenta), so many of us spend considerable time training ourselves to sleep on our side. Once the round belly arrives we spend our evenings jamming pillows in from all directions including those giant body engulfing cushions designed specifically for this purpose (my husband renamed ours the cock-blocker). Even after all this, sleeping in the third trimester is a bit shit, let’s be honest.

Now I don’t like to be the bearer of bad news, and I’m really not all doom and gloom, but sleeping in the third trimester of a twin pregnancy is worse than shit, it just doesn’t really happen. My boys were delivered at 36wks and for that last month I didn’t sleep for more than 2hrs at a time. Gravity is your enemy here because as you lie down the two cuties on the inside move from squashing each other to a team play full-body-invasion. They work their way up inside your rib-cage and your lungs really haven’t got a look-in. So you can’t breathe, at all, and breathing being essential to all players, you are left no choice but to retire to the couch. We are lucky enough to own a corner sectional (check us out), so I found the corner spot a comfort where I could remain upright but with my head propped to the side. In this position I could usually get two stints of up to two hours before having to awkwardly manoeuvre myself back to my puffy feet. Oh the feet… Another joy of twin pregnancy.

To end on a happy note, the advantage of a month of mommy sleep training is that you are more than ready to take on 24hr feeding of those space-invaders once they arrive. But do consider making an addition to the registry… When hubby thought that lazy-boy with the cup holder was a great idea for the lounge, he might have been right.


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