Dominance and Submissiveness in Twins: The Pecking Order

Despite looking particularly identical recently, the Twins are becoming wildly different in personality. As they grow, the difference between them ...
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Double Trouble: Twins Behaving Badly

As I previously mentioned in ‘Toys for Twin Toddlers‘, my boys’ first birthday brought with it a sudden surge of ...
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Pumpkin Wars: The Six Year Old Competitive Streak.

With Halloween on the horizon, yesterday afternoon I managed to find myself in the middle of some competitive carving. This is the ...
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Poopcrastination: A child’s guide to difficult questions.

Listen up kids… My daughter is six and she is an expert in avoiding chores, homework or basically anything she ...
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Whiplash – Knowing when to break your kid’s balls.

If you haven’t seen the movie Whiplash, put it on your must-see list. It’s about the relationship between an extremely ...
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